2013 Great Glasses Play Day details

Last year, when we started the Great Glasses Play Day, I hoped that we’d have at least one or two locations for local meet-ups.  Thanks to some amazing volunteers, we had 5 (Portland, Philadelphia, outside Washington DC, Madison, and Minneapolis), and it was awesome and fun.  And now this year, we have 16 confirmed locations so far!  Huge huge thanks to all the volunteers that are helping to make this happen.  If you don’t see a location near you on this list, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate, we’ll be posting more ways for you to celebrate at home and on line!  I really hope you’ll join us.

Oh, and if you’re an eye care provider or optical shop, take a look at our Supporters page to see how easy it is to support the Great Glasses Play Day!

no map

This beautiful infographic was designed by the very talented Jessica Butler of Eye Power Kid’s Wear


7 responses to “2013 Great Glasses Play Day details

  1. CHICAGO~ Our location didn’t make it on to your details page. GGPD will take place in the Windy City at Welles Park, 2333 W. Sunnyside, Sun. 8/4 at 3pm. =)


    • The events haven’t happened yet! They’re mostly scheduled for the weekend of August 3-4, so coming up soon! We’re getting very excited, and plan to do it again next year


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