Glasses: a board book for young ones in glasses

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had a book that I was working on a board book and would be launching a Kickstarter soon.  Well the Kickstarter has launched!  And I’d love your support.

Glasses: a board book

Eyes straight with glasses
The book is titled Glasses.  It will be a board book that features photos of young children, 3 and under who wear glasses.  It will have a simple poem that accompanies the pictures that celebrates glasses and the kids that wear them.

Some glasses are red,
Some glasses are blue.
I think your glasses look great on you!

The book is inspired by the many messages I’d heard from parents whose children asked to look at our photo gallery to see other kids their age in glasses.  And it’s inspired by Zoe, who even at seven asks about why there aren’t more kids in glasses.  I want the youngest of kids who wear glasses to not feel alone, and to see and hear about why their glasses are lovely and how they help them to see!

a few of the beautiful bespectacles faces in the photo gallery

a few of the beautiful bespectacled faces in the photo gallery

I am not one who has always wanted to write a children’s book.  I’m a librarian, I’d prefer to find books for people, not write them.  But this idea for a book is one that has stuck with me for years and tugged on me to get it made.  Recently, as I’ve watched other authors write their books, I’ve been inspired by their willingness to make it happen, and to get their books out there for other kids.  So I decided to take the plunge and give this a shot.

So what is Kickstarter, anyway?

Kickstarter, for those that haven’t encountered it before, is a way to raise money for creative projects that will result in some kind of product.  Basically, the creator (that’s me!) explains the project and the funding they will need to do that project.  And anyone can pledge any amount, and the creator sets reward levels.  So for instance, if you pledge $17, you will get a copy of the book when it’s completed.  Now, if the full funding isn’t reached by a certain deadline (Nov. 26, in my case), then no one gets any money, and nothing is lost.  You will only get charged if the project is fully funded.  I have backed a few Kickstarters – my husband has backed quite a few – we’ve been very happy with the projects we’ve backed so far.

Click the photo to get to the Kickstarter page

Click the photo to get to the Kickstarter page

The funding for Glasses will help cover the costs of the photo shoot for the book, as well as the production and printing costs of the first run of the book.

There’s more specific information at the Kickstarter page for the book.  I also have an actual website for the book that gives a bit more background, too.

Please take a look at the Kickstarter and consider backing it.  And please, please, share this with anyone else that might be interested!

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