Glasses! a board book – update

The Kickstarter for the Glasses! board book is still running.  There are only 9 days left, and we’re almost two-thirds of the way there!

Evie_bubbles (2)

The book will have photos of toddlers and babies in glasses, doing the sorts of things that young kids do: having fun, playing, being kids. (The photos for the book have not yet been taken)

I have heard so often from so many of you that seeing pictures of other children in glasses has helped so much.  For kids, seeing other kids in glasses helps them feel less alone and get excited about their own glasses.  And for parents, it can help make the idea of your child in glasses less scary and unknown.  I know when I learned that Zoe needed glasses, I couldn’t think of a single child under the age of 5 in glasses, so it was really hard to imagine what we were getting in to.

There are just so few books out there that are aimed at the very youngest of kids in glasses, and so little awareness of the importance of good vision in young children.  This book project addresses that directly.  But I need your help to make this happen.  We need to raise the full goal of $6,000 by November 26.  If that goal isn’t reached, then none of the funding comes through (that’s the  way Kickstarter works, and it’s a good protection for backers – if a project can’t raise enough money to continue, then you don’t have to worry about losing money).

Many people have said that they wish this book had existed when their child was little – heck, it’s the book that I wish existed when Zoe first got glasses.  Well, even if your child is past the board book stage, you can still back the project and have a copy sent to a childcare provider, or preschool, or library of your choice.  I’ll include a resource page for parents and caregivers.  That way, the book will be there when another family needs it!

Help make this happen!


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