Powerful pink Valentine’s giveaway from Peeps Eyewear

I met Kristin from Peeps Eyewear a few years ago through this site.  I had no idea when I first met her that we’d come to do so many things together.  She and I worked together to create the Great Glasses Play Day, and she’s going to be the publisher of the Glasses! book that I am writing (photo shoot was last weekend, it was amazing!!!)

Kristin recently wrote a great post on her blog about how as a mom, she had initially tried to keep her girls from being inundated with pink and with princesses.  But hearing her youngest, who needed glasses, say in a sad voice that “princesses don’t wear glasses,” led her to see pink and princesses in a new light – as ways to empower kids and show them that they can be powerful, regardless of their favorite color, or their gender, or whether or not they wear glasses.  The post is absolutely worth reading, and at the same time, she’s doing a giveaway of her customized book,  a customized case to hold your child’s glasses book and a t-shirt.  Take a look.



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