Tutorial – a rubber band loom strap for Miraflex glasses

Pam shared this great idea for a glasses strap on the Little Four Eyes facebook group.  I asked her for instructions, and she graciously agreed to write them up and share them! – Ann Z

How to Make a Rainbow Loom (or other rubber band loom) Miraflex Strap


Disclaimer: Both the rubber bands and the findings used to make this would be considered choking hazards for babies and small children. This is meant for older children.

Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelets are all the rage at my older son’s elementary school. I volunteered in his class, and decided to learn to make them since most of the 2nd graders didn’t know how.

My L4E quickly jumped on the bandwagon. So I decided to try to make him a strap for his Miraflex glasses.

Here is what you will need:

  • Rainbow Loom (or other loom)
  • Rubber bands
  • 14mm Lobster Clasps
  • Jump Rings or Double Jump Rings
  • Your Child’s Miraflex Strap (for measuring)
  1. Make the rainbow loom bracelet of your choice.  I chose the simple fishtail bracelet, because it is very stretchy. You may choose any design; just keep in mind that some designs do not stretch as much as others. This will matter when deciding length. fHere is a video tutorial for the fishtail bracelet:

    The rubberband strap will need to be shorter than your Miraflex strap as it stretches more than the original strap. Mine ended up being about an inch shorter. You will see from the picture at the top that it sits snugly (but not tight) against his head.  I had to shorten it by removing bands until it was the right length. 1

  2. When the bracelet/strap is the desired length, remove from the loom. Do NOT attach a C-clip.Instead, attach a jump ring and lobster claw to each end.

    Squeeze the jump ring closed.

  3. Next, clip the lobster claw through the hole on each end of your glasses. You are finished!3

A Few Tips

  • You could do this with jump clips only if you do not unhook your strap when putting the glasses on or taking them off. Simply skip the lobster claw, and put the jump clip through the hole on your Miraflex glasses. You may want to choose bigger, thicker jump clips if you choose this route.
  • You may want to do double bands for the ends for added strength.
  • These clips don’t work. The opening is too small and you cannot get them hooked on to the glasses

Here are some other designs that I think would work well and plan to make!

I bet there’s a way this could be modified for non-Miraflex frames.  If anyone has any good ideas, leave them in the comments!

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