Book review: I See, You See, We ALL See!

I seeI was thrilled to receive my copy of “I See, You See, We ALL See!” in the mail today.  This is a board book written by Allison Joyce and Don McClain, inspired by Allison’s daughter Emma.  Allison ran a Kickstarter this fall to raise the money to cover the production of the book, and the results are fantastic.

The book follows Emma and her big brother as Emma wakes up from her nap and gets ready to go play outside.  Her brother helps her remember all the things she needs: shoes, jacket, hat, mittens, but most importantly, her glasses!  The story line is simple, but it’s fun and engaging and very appropriate for toddlesr.  My 3 year old daughter (the one that doesn’t wear glasses), has asked to read this book multiple times, and loves “helping” Emma figure out what all she needs to wear.


The illustrations by Amanda Beard are beautiful and fun and bright.  We spend quite a bit of time looking through the pictures to find all of Emma’s outdoor items.

There are practically no books that are targeted at very young children in glasses.  Allison’s book is a sturdy board book that’s going to stand up to the repeated readings that I’m sure will happen.  The story and illustrations are right on for the age group.


4 responses to “Book review: I See, You See, We ALL See!

  1. One frustrating thing about Amazon is that they won’t deliver some items to Australia. I would really like this book for my 19mth granddaughter who is having her glasses made at the moment. Wearing them is going to be a challenge. Any suggestions re delivery?


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