Great Glasses Play Day Book Contest Results

Last weekend was the Great Glasses Play Day and the week leading up to it was Children’s Book Week.  So in honor of both celebrations, I held a contest on Facebook, asking people to submit their child’s favorite book about glasses and write a little about why they loved the book.

Children's book contest

So first, congratulations to Chau, Mummy T, Sarah, Aleece, and Michele!  You were chosen in a random drawing of submissions.  I’ll get in touch so you can get your prizes.

And now, here are books that were submitted as favorites:

Note, links to books through are affiliate links.  By purchasing through those links, I receive a small commission, which goes towards upkeep of this site:

Little Bear Needs Glasses, by Christine Faust and Bernd Penners

This new book from Usborne was mentioned 4 times, making it the book with the most mentions in the contest.  The book comes with 5 reusable stickers.  Parents had this to say:

My 2 year old loves being able to stick the glasses on the animals and he loves that they are “like me”.  – Parker’s Mom

It has five sticker eyeglasses that my son loves to put on the different characters. It’s a great motivator for him to put on his glasses! – Heather Hargadon-DeCesare

There are 5 reusable/repositionable stickers of 5 different glasses. Each animal in the book has their own distinct pair. Little Bear learns he needs glasses and his friends offer theirs for him to try on one by one as he searches for the right pair for him. My child loves placing the glasses on each of the characters of the book and matching them to their owners at the end of the book. – Lindsey S

Simple to understand. Five pairs of reusable glasses sticker for all of the animals. – Aleece

Arthur’s Eyes by Marc Brown

Arthur’s Eyes is a classic book about Arthur the Aardvark getting glasses.  Kristin Mackintosh said this about it:

Story about Arthur needing glasses but doesn’t want to wear them because his friends will make fun of him. Talks to his principles and realizes he wears glasses too. Arthur starts wearing his glasses and then Francine brings a pair of glasses to school with no lens because she wants to be cool and wear glasses like Arthur does.

Glasses for D. W.  by Marc Brown

Another Arthur the Aardvark story, but this time about his little sister, D. W.  UmmKatherine said this about the book:

Hugo loves the silliness this book contains, it’s just right for preschool-age. D.W. wants glasses, even though she doesn’t need them, and she even wants “rainglasses” with built-in wipers! It also takes about why Arthur needed glasses.

Glasses: a board book by Ann Gwinn Zawistoski

Full disclosure, this is my book, but I promise I did not ask for the submission and the submission had no bearing on who won the contest.  Esther recommended the book:

My son rarely gets to meet other children his age with glasses, so this book makes him feel understood.

I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses  by Lauren Child

This is a Charlie and Lola story, in which Lola really, really wants glasses.  Mummy T explains:

My daughter loves Charlie and Lola already so it’s less about another child who needs glasses and more about wearing glasses being seen as desirable.

You can watch the Youtube video of the episode, too.

My Travelin’ Eye by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

A beautiful story about a girl with strabismus.  Author Kostecki-Shaw had strabismus as a child and writes this book from that experience.  You can read more about it on her website.   Chau submitted this book and writes:

The book helps me understand my daughter’s condition and see the world through her lens. It also serves as an extra support for my daughter to continue with her patching, since she is very uncomfortable about it.

Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert

A book about a princess who needs glasses, J. Douglas submitted this book, saying that her daughter loves the different glasses in the book.

Red’s Big Day by ClearVision

“Red’s Big Day”” is a story of a bird that finds out he needs glasses.  As Michele from Southern California writes:

The bird can’t complete his race because he can’t see the hoops. He keeps hitting his head. Once he gets glasses, he flies so perfectly, he not only wins the race, but becomes team captain.

You can watch the movie here

Rupert the Rhinoceros by Carl Memling

A Little Golden Book from 1960 that follows the story of rhinoceros.  Michele from Southern California explains:

The rhino charges everyone because they look blurry to him, once he sees clearly with glasses, he makes many friends and gets roses for his tail.

The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon

Another lovely story written by an author based on her own experience.  Sarah writes about why her daughter loves the book:

She loves Ginny the main character and my sons vision problems were also discovered in a school screening so it related to our family.

Thanks to everyone for submitting their favorite books.  Please add your own favorite books in the comments.


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