Throwback Thursday – 10 years of For Little Eyes

10 years ago, when Zoe was still just a toddler, I opened up a wordpress blog post editor and started to write…

So your toddler needs glasses?

My daughter Zoe got glasses at the age of 14 months to correct strabismus due to her being far-sighted.

first day

Zoe’s first day in glasses. The glasses came off shortly after this picture was taken.

It’s been 3 months (is that all? seems like so much more) now that she’s had her glasses and she’s doing well with them, but I still find myself wanting to connect with other parents of young toddlers with glasses. How do you deal with your kid flinging their glasses off? How is it going in daycare with other kids curious about your child’s glasses? How do you know if the glasses are helping? When will she learn how to put the glasses on herself?

If only there were some way of connecting with other parents in situations like ours – some way of reaching across the geographic distance – some kind of interconnected network of communication – an “internet” if you will. Wait…

And with that, I started this site.  In those 10 years, this site has had 3 name changes, over 700 posts, and more than 6,000 comments.  The associated facebook group now has over 21,000 members.  Zoe’s had at least a dozen pairs of glasses and probably the same number of prescription changes, one eye surgery, and countless eye doctor appointments.  But she can see well, and she still rocks her glasses.

So how about you? How has your journey gone since your child got their glasses?

One response to “Throwback Thursday – 10 years of For Little Eyes

  1. Been a long time! Congratulations on creating and sustaining a well crated, informative, and most importantly supportive site!! Immensely helpful,, especially at times when the way forward seemed none too clear. 😉

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