how did they know she needed glasses? Part II

We were reassured after the first eye appointment, and didn’t really worry about it until around her first birthday when we noticed her eyes crossing a lot more again – specifically, it seemed that her right eye was turning in.

This time we sent digital photos to the ophthalmologist and based on the pictures, she agreed that we needed to bring her in. Before that, though, she wanted us to try patching Zoe’s left eye to strengthen her right eye for a few weeks to see if there was any improvement. She also warned us that it would not be fun or easy.

She was right, Zoe did not like having the eye patch put on. But once it was on, she was pretty much ok. I wish I knew the secret to her keeping the patch on, but in reality, she never tried to take it off. She only needed to wear it for about 4 hours each day, but that meant putting it on before daycare, and then letting the teachers know they should take it off before putting her down for her morning nap. Eventually, she got used to us putting the patch on, and I was optimistic, because she seemed to have no trouble seeing through the right eye when her left was patched, but in the end, the patching made no real difference.

At this next appointment the ophthalmologist determined that both eyes seemed to turn in at different times, and it was probably due to her being far-sighted and needing to cross her eyes to focus. She then held up lenses of varying strength in front of Z’s eyes while holding a toy nearby to see if that lens seemed to correct the crossed eyes. Since Z can’t read yet, it isn’t as important that she see closeup with crystal clarity so much as it’s important that her brain get used to her eyes working together. So, with the closest guess at a prescription in hand, we headed off to get glasses.

One response to “how did they know she needed glasses? Part II

  1. I have an almost 3 yr old son that also wears glasses now. Both my husband and myself noticed his right eye in particular seemed to be getting “lazy”. I phoned our optomitrist and scheduled him in as soon as they could see him.

    She told us both eyes were turning in – due to the fact he is also farsighted (like your daughter) – in fact his prescription is +4. We had him fitted with glasses, and its been about a month now of him wearing them.

    we kept fussing over how nice he looked in glasses, how it will help his eyes “not get sick” – and it helps that his daddy also wears glasses.

    We have had no problem with him wearing them. He may take them off to be a tease once in a while – but for the most part – he’s fine – its like they have always been there.

    He wears them all day long – I take them off at bedtime – and they go back on immediately when he gets up for the day.

    I have pictures of his eyes not aligning – its VERY similar to your daughters pictures.


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