Setting: dinner with friends at a neighborhood pizza joint

Zoe started getting a bit restless at dinner, so Chris agreed to take her home early to let me hang out a bit longer with my friends. As we were getting her coat on, I remember hearing something fall to the floor, but when I looked around, I didn’t see anything and I kind of forgot about it (I’m sure you can see where this is going). A bit later one of the waitresses came up to the table and asked me if this was mine, and handed me Zoe’s lens.

We got the lens back in the frames with no problem, but now that we’ve cleaned the glasses up, it’s clear (or not, as you’ll soon see) that the lens had been stepped on and is pretty scratched up. According to the website of the place where we got her glasses, the lenses are warranted against scratches for a year, so we’ll see if that holds on Friday when I bring her in.

This is the second time that a lens has popped out of her frames, and there have been other times where the screws were coming loose but we caught it before the lens fell out. Is that normal? Is it a function of the glasses going on and off so many times? I seem to remember that when I had glasses as a kid, the screws came loose a lot more often than they do now, but I could easily be misremembering.


In other news, check out the great new page on children’s books for kids with glasses that annfelicia put together!

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