Hooray warranties!

I called the eyeglasses place and Zoe’s lenses are under warranty, so her scratched lens will be replaced at no cost to us. I expect though, that she’ll be without glasses for a bit while they’re fixing them. I’ll probably ask about getting the measurements for her glasses and look at ordering a second pair online for times like this.

3 responses to “Hooray warranties!

  1. Did you purchase an extended warranty or just use the one that came with the glasses? Also, have you checked out zenni.com? Kids frames for around $20! I’m not going to use them this first time out because Eliza’s prescription is so odd, but perhaps, as you suggest, for a backup pair.

    We got Eliza to wear the trial glasses (and Mom and Dad’s glasses) today several times! Yay! When she put on “her” pair, I rewarded her with stamps and explained that each times she wears her glasses we’ll show her how proud we are by giving her a stamp. She seems motivated by this and put them on 4 more times before dinner. She also has started pointing to glasses-wearing characters (like Arthur) and saying “He wears glasses…like ME!”


  2. We didn’t buy an extended warranty. I’m not even sure that they offered one, now that I think about it. The glasses place just offers the 1 year warranty against scratched lenses, so that’s nice.

    I’ll have to check out zenni.com. One thing that worries me about online places is that I don’t know where I’d go to get her glasses adjusted – we’ve gone in 3 – 4 times now as her glasses just seem to go crooked pretty quickly. The other is getting the measurement for her eye spacing, apparently that’s much more important to get right with little kids, though I imagine her ophthalmologist could get us the measurements.

    Great job on getting Eliza to wear the trial glasses! I think the stamp idea seems perfect, not to mention showing her the glasses-wearing characters. Do the trial glasses have her prescription? If not, I bet once she has glasses with her prescription she’ll be even more willing to wear them.


  3. Zenni’s actually at zennioptical.com. It may have been when I ordered my glasses when I bought them online. The costco optical desk was quite happy to make adjustments to glasses I hadn’t purchased there.

    I don’t think they had glasses small enough for Zoe when we first needed them (at 14 months), but we’ll definitely look into other options as she gets bigger. The other thing to keep in mind for kids as young as Zoe is that they frequently need to have the prescription remade several times, and most of the online places won’t do that for you.


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