Weren’t we just here?

The eyeglasses store is rapidly becoming one of our most frequent trips. Between adjustments, prescription changes, and scratched lens replacements, I think I visit the place as often as I visit to Target. I did a quick count and came up with at least 8 trips since the start of 2008. Luckily, they have a nice play area and an aquarium that entertains Zoe whenever she’s there. Oh, and they give her stickers. She’s a fan.

This last trip was to see if we should replace Zoe’s left lens that now has a scratch running down the center. They agreed that they would replace it, but said they’d need to send the glasses in (why they need to this time, but didn’t need to last time, I don’t know). The woman also said that she didn’t think Zoe would notice it – being farsighted means that things like that are less noticeable, and it’s a very thin scratch. Since Zoe now really likes wearing her glasses, and we have another ophthalmologist appointment in less than 2 months, if not sooner, and I’m betting she’ll change the prescription at that visit, I decided not to make Zoe go without the glasses for a week.

While I was there, I also asked about clip-on sunglasses. They said that clip-ons – even custom ones – just don’t fit glasses as small as Zoe’s, which is why they recommend the transition lenses. Disappointing, since I imagine clip-ons would be less expensive. We’re holding off until after the next eye doctor visit before deciding whether to get them. It’s rainy enough in MN in the spring that I think Zoe will be ok.

I’m sure we’ll be back to the glasses store again in no time.

4 responses to “Weren’t we just here?

  1. Thanks for asking about the clip-ons. I think Franklin’s just going to wear a baseball hat this summer. And hey, what with scratches and kids loosing glasses and all, have you thought about getting a second cheapy pair for Zoe? I have the two for Franklin and it certainly gives a person peace of mind. Also, my brother’s wife is pregnant–19 weeks!–I’ll tell you more about that later!


  2. We have thought about getting a second pair – I was planning on doing it when Zoe scratched her lens the first time, but since they could order the lens without sending in the glasses, I didn’t bother. I’m trying to wait it out until after the next eye appointment, so if there is a prescription change, we won’t have to get two pairs remade.

    We’ll definitely have to talk more.


  3. OOOH- your eyeglasses store sounds MUCH better than ours, we have nothing to keep the kiddos occupied- other than glasses to shelves that little ones LOVE to try and pull off (I’m sure you all know!) I love the title, I too felt like this in the spring!!


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