new look and call for pictures

I’m playing around a bit with the look of this blog. I think I’m pretty happy with it now – it highlights the different pages we put together a better, and I like having a picture in the header.

Speaking of pictures, one of the more common searches that lands people on this blog is searching for pictures of toddlers or babies or kids with glasses. So I thought it would be fun to put together a gallery page of kids with glasses. That way, parents who are facing this can see just how cute the glasses can be. Plus, if you’re willing, you can include information on the glasses and where you got them.

So, if you have a picture that you want to share, would you link to it in the comments, or email it to me (ann at shinypebble dot com)? Include any information you want added to the picture, like how old your kid is, where you got the glasses, your child’s name, age they got glasses. Whatever you want, feel free to include no information if you’d prefer.

Also, if any of you have a picture of your kid with glasses that you’d like me to rotate in to the header, I think it would be fun to have that picture change occasionally (though I admit I’m quite fond of the current one).

8 responses to “new look and call for pictures

  1. Hey! I love the new look! Excellent color choices! I can give you some pictures of Franklin in his specs, can you get them from my posts or do you want me to send them to your email?


  2. Nope, no favorite. I do like the two I sent you though. 🙂 Also, can you shrink the one I use for the “about little four eyes” section? It’s HUGE and I can’t figure out how to make it any smaller. Ever since we upgraded to Vista, I just don’t feel like I know my computer anymore….sigh……


  3. I love the new look, too. I’ll have to take some decent shots of Sam. They’ve all been casual shots that end up having things like the messy bathroom in the background.


  4. My only problem with the new look is that it appears to have removed author’s names from the front page and I like knowing who wrote what


  5. I heard about your site from a preemie group and I love to see your resources (especially the book list.) I put some pictures of our son in glasses in a gallery in our website (easier than emailing them to you) so if you would like to use any of them let me know. I think the idea of a gallery is GREAT, my son is old enough to recognize not everyone is in glasses so it’s fun for us to show him kids his age in glasses.


  6. Welcome Heidi! Thanks for sharing the pictures of Bennett. I was reading the story that you put on the page – wow! I’m glad Bennett is wearing his glasses well now, sounds like you went through a lot of frames.


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