scenes from a wedding

Apparently the bride and groom only invited kids with glasses. Other than Zoe, the only other kid at the wedding was a girl, probably about 6 or 7 (I’m horrible guessing ages), with super stylish purple Hanna Montana glasses. She was really shy when I complimented her on the frames, but they were really cute.

A guest came up to us and said “wow, they didn’t have glasses nearly that stylish when I was that age.” I agreed and we talked about how cute little kid glasses are these days. Then she mentioned she got her glasses at age five and asked how old Zoe was – 1 1/2. I really think the glasses lead people to think she’s older than she is.

We got a lot of other comments and questions from other guests, though everyone said how great the glasses looked. I noticed that both Chris and I will occasionally reflexively launch into the story of how we knew she needed glasses, and how they know what prescription she is, even though the person hasn’t asked the question.

At the reception – at a nice local restaurant – the owner comes up to me and says he wants to say hi to Zoe. I’m a bit taken aback that he knows her name. But he explains that she goes to the same daycare as his daughter. He saw her and immediately recognized her – there’s not all that many little girls with her glasses in the city. He mentioned that his daughter (a few years older than Zoe), has come home asking when she can get glasses. So now she’s a recognizable trend setter!

3 responses to “scenes from a wedding

  1. I’ve had the same conversation about how much trendier kids’ glasses are these days compared to when we, the speakers, were kids. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 7, and they were horrible, huge plastic things that covered up half my face. I was begging my eye doctor for contacts when I was 10 and finally got them at age 11.

    I’m so glad our kids at least have some cute options.


  2. Toddlers with glasses are definitely memorable! I’m wondering if your daughter’s glasses has any elastic ties to keep the glasses on her head/face.


  3. No, we don’t have any elastic ties on her frames. So far, we haven’t really needed them, they seem to stay up on her nose pretty well, and for the most part, she leaves them on unless she’s bored in the car, or needs to rub her eyes. I worry that she might get really frustrated if she tried to take them off and couldn’t – she used to get super angry if she tried to take off her hat and couldn’t for some reason.


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