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We got a note from daycare the other day about a “stretch and grow” class that Zoe can take at daycare once a week.  It sounds like a nice program, it’s not expensive at all, and so we’re going to enroll Z.  So I was filling out the enrollment form when I hit the “Health Disclosure” section.  It asks you to list any injuries, allergies or health conditions that might limit your child’s participation.  And it had me stumped – I just sat there looking at it blankly for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what, if anything, to write.  I know that the glasses really shouldn’t get in her way for anything they’d do in this class.  But her strabismus does affect her depth perception, and glasses can be a pain at times when you’re exercising – I have to take mine off for some yoga positions.  But it’s not like she’ll be doing yoga or any sports where she might get a ball in the face (I hope).  But what if the teacher saw Zoe in her glasses and worried about having Zoe do things just because of the glasses?  Maybe I should write that the glasses will not limit her.  But that’s stupid, the form clearly asks only for conditions that WILL limit her.

In the end, I left it blank.

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  1. I just had a similar question this week for the first time. I took her to a “Stay and Play” indoor kids park and they asked to notify any health concerns prior to playing. Elly runs and falls continuously – she is always full of cuts and bruises. I ended up putting limited vision, wears glasses. What is the best way to write it on these forms?


  2. We’ve only ever put..’must wear glasses at all times’.

    Our son is in daycare..and they play outdoors often. The only other instruction or concern we’ve ever voiced or written is to replace glasses if they come off…dont if they’re broken or bent.


  3. I think “wears glasses” or “must wear glasses” is a good idea. For daycare, we included instructions on what to do if she took off her glasses, though that’s not much of a problem anymore

    I just recently had to get a health summary form updated by our doctor for Zoe’s daycare. One question was whether she sees a specialist for other health issues. I debated adding her ophthalmologists information, and in the end decided not to. I’ve decided not to call her need for glasses a health issue. But I still get tripped up every time I run into a form like that.


  4. I usually note on these kinds of forms that our daughter has a vision impairment, and then I talk to the caregiver about how I think that might (or might not) impact the activity. Part of that is for her safety, part of it is for others’ safety (she tends to trip over other kids a lot), and part of it is to give the caregivers a bit of a warning that she’s not really trying to be a difficult kid — she just can’t always see what you’re doing so she might get distracted.
    I don’t add ophthalmologist info on medical contact forms, except for school.


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