Foiled again!

So we FINALLY get McKenna’s frames after hours and hours of searching for her size. Then we drop them off at Sears Optical to get fitted for lenses and after a week I call to check on them; turns out the guy who was going to send them out took off after an audit while District Managers and Cops were in route; well, needless to say he never sent them out. So, 10 days after that we are finally able to pick them up, we brought McKenna in the next day so they could be adjusted and the temples can be rounded behind her ears. We were in and out in less than 5 minutes. She kept them on for a few hours while we were out but at home they only lasted for seconds at a time. Well, today during one of the many take-off, put-on “games” I felt something rough. To my disbelief and disgust I see that where they temple was bent (at a right angle vs the rounded cable temple we requested) the plastic was split and cracked all the way down to the wire inside. I immediately went to Sears Optical and the guy who was there suggested cutting the temples and “rigging” a rubber cable temple to it. I say rigging because it is not something that would normally done- I might as well use Elmer’s glue. I then suggest taking temples off another frame (since they don’t carry parts). He then proceeds to pick up metal frames and say that they didn’t have any with that length, I then reminded him that with a metal temple he could cut them to size. “Oh yeah” he says!! Seriously?!? So I am sitting there as he picks up orange frames, blue frames, green frames…my daughters glasses are pink. A manager finally comes in and it is explained to her what has happened and if she had any suggestions. She was talking about the girl who caused the problem, in that she has seen her bend glasses without heating them enough or even at all…that this is probably what happened. I asked that they take care of it ASAP and let me know by this afternoon what the solution was going to be.

The manager spoke with a District Manager who said she could replace the frames..they looked into it and it would have only cost them $10.00 to buy them from the manufacturer. But…noooo… they would have had to open a charge account with them and they refused that. So I am left with the manager personally ordering them from the same online site I ordered from and then requesting a reimbursement from Sears. This of course would take another 2-3 weeks.

I will never- absolutely never order frames from online again. Although that was not the bad experience- we cannot get them quickly replaced in situations like these because the local shops do not have them in-stock. The other problem is that because they do not carry the frames the lenses had to be made to fit them, so we need those exact frames again or else pay another $120 for lenses alone for a different pair of frames (and that was with 50% off) on top of buying the frames from a local shop!! Ugh! And here I thought it was best to save money by buying online since the cheapest glasses I found locally was $125.

This has been an awful experience. My advice would be to just forget about the fact that your child will outgrow the glasses in a few months and just spend the money on glasses from somewhere local so that you are never in this situation.

Oh- and never go to Sears Optical.

One response to “Foiled again!

  1. I can empathize. Finding glasses to fit was a pain and we stayed local. We started with pink cables, then the frames ended up having to be re-ordered and was only available in purple. When it arrived it was bright blue – Grover Blue. I almost cried, but then turned to my daughter with a big smile on my face and asked if she wanted to wear Grover Blue Glasses. She said yes. Oh, well. They outgrow them quick. We bought the replacement insurance and maybe they will be able to re-place them in a different color. A mom can hope can’t she?


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