catching up

I’ve been a bit behind recently. In fact, I just got three more pictures added to the photo gallery this weekend, one of which has been waiting for over two weeks to be posted.  Sorry, don’t mean to be hoarding the cute.

I have a couple of posts brewing, on toys and tv shows.  If you have any thoughts about either of those, feel free to send them my way.

In the meantime, here’s a poll – kids and glasses and cars…good idea, or just asking for trouble?

Do you take your child’s glasses off when they’re in the car?

3 responses to “catching up

  1. What, no option for:

    ‘Leave them on, and then when he pulls them off, watch in the rear view as mom crawls over the front seat and into the back before MR Determined makes a pretzel out of expensive-pair-O-glasses-#7, while dad tries to kep the car steady at 65mph’


    : -)


  2. I clicked other. We leave them on, and 95% of the time, he doesn’t mess with them. He’s either conked out or busy looking out the window. But ever so often, Sam pulls them off and plays with his glasses, resulting in me yelling back at him that they aren’t a toy.


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