New Year’s Resolutions


Dr. Bonilla-Warford of Bright Eyes News has a great post up with a list of resolutions for children’s vision.  My favorite is number 2: spend some quality vision time with your children, which includes talking to your kids about what they see.  I know Zoe isn’t quite verbal enough to really express what she sees (heck, I’m not sure I have the words to always express what I see, especially before coffee), but I do want to be sure to make a habit of talking with her about her vision so that if something changes, we can catch it early.  And as for number 4: bring their glasses in for cleaning and adjusting, well, our eye glasses place can attest to seeing us quite often.

For my part, my 2009 resolutions include:

  1. Help Zoe pick out new frames
  2. Teach Zoe to put her glasses on right side up
  3. Be better at cleaning her glasses (they’re always so dirty, I hardly notice it any more).

How about you?

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