I’m re-posting this comment from Anna who is looking for anyone with ideas or experiences with their child getting clumsy after getting their glasses. -Ann Z

My 23 month old son, Frank, was diagnosed with Strabismus. Right before Thanksgiving we noticed his left eye turning in. We took him to the doctor immediately because there is a family history of Strabismus.

The opthamoligist said his eye sight is +3.50 in both eyes. He said patch and get glasses. Thankfully Frank has never been bothered by the patch and has never pulled. We ordered his glasses and they finally came in last week. He has been good wearing them so far, but the past 2 days he has become extremely clumsy. Yesterday he fell and scratched his face all up and scratched one lense very bad. Thankfully we got insurance on the glasses and they will replace the lens for free. Then this morning the babysitter calls me at work and says that he fell again and his glasses are completely bent and the lens fell out. Not only that, but the nose piece went into the corner of his eye and he has a cut.

This has made me a little stressed out since he has suddenly become so clumsy. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to help him out and not be so clumsy?

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  1. Maybe you can gradually introduce him to wearing the glasses in places that he is familiar with. I remember when I got my glasses at the age of 24 and tripped over steps and curbs and when I first put them on it was weird to walk. Maybe you can walk around the room with him a few times and have him step over things and sit down on things while you are holding his hand or near by him so that he can get that depth perception back and start to learn that it is a little different.
    I noticed that my son would run into things a lot when he broke his glasses the first time and it took almost a month for us to get the money to pay for new ones and get them ordered. He went a month without them and when he started wearing them again he would run into the walls a lot and trip over things. He is over it now but I was really worried that something else was going on.


  2. My daughter is 28months and is constantly running into things. I think part of it is due to vision and part is due to the age. We continuously do activities to increase her balance; making a home-made obstacle course with pillows and pulling her around the house while she sits on a towel. I also teach her to put her hands out if she falls and I try not to make a big deal of her falling. She now just gets up and says “I’m OK” If you are worried about it, I would recommend calling your ophthalmologist and telling them your concerns. They may have some suggestions as well! I know our office doesn’t mind phone calls.


  3. Luke was barely two when he got glasses(bifocals) for strabismus, farsightedness and amblyopia. I thought that the prescription was wrong because he ran into walls and missed chairs when he was trying to climb up. I took him to make sure the prescription was right and had the nurse at the doctor’s office call me back about it. The nurse told me that it would take time to get used to them and to keep trying. It took him almost a month to completely adjust and leave them on, and not fall and bump into things. It was very hard to watch, but it was an adjustment and he DID adjust.


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