I need to vent about repairs

We have only had our Hush Puppies frames with cable temples 3 months and already the cable plastic has ripped and is coming apart.  If you read my post about getting the glass – you know I am already not the happiest with Lange Eye Care.  Since then, I have found an amazing one.  Because we purchased the frames at Lange, however, we have to go there for adjustments and repairs.  We also purchased the extended warranty, so I am stuck dealing with them for the next year or so.


10 days ago, we went in to order new cable temples because her’s are ripped and pealing off the temple. I notice her ear is pink where it rubs and want to take care of it before it gets worse.   They asked my color preference (ha ha ha, like they actually listen)  I said, pink, purple, brown, black, blue, anything that fits.  I was told it wouldn’t be a problem as the cables normally last longer.  Since it has been over a week, I called to check on their progress.  News- NOTHING.  They didn’t even order them because they couldn’t find pink.  ARGH. Thank goodness Ell’s glasses are still wearable –an active 2 year old with limited vision and no depth perception, without glasses is a recipe for another emergency room visit.


In my nicest voice, I asked them “Why didn’t you call me?”  Based on their mumbled response – They either forgot, misplaced, or didn’t care.  So, I asked “What do I need to do to make sure my daughter gets her glasses repaired in a timely manner?”  Thinking to myself – Do I need to order the parts and change them myself?  Their advice; If you don’t hear back from us in 6-8 business days, call back.  Let’s see if the parts are ordered this time.


I’m also concerned about the amount of scratches on the lenses.  We are very careful, but Elly has a tendency to throw them when angry.  Shouldn’t they be lasting longer????  And at what time do I make use of my 2 full replacements covered in our extended warranty?

8 responses to “I need to vent about repairs

  1. Wow, that’s frustrating, especially since they didn’t even place your order or let you know. Argh indeed!

    I think that the scratches on lenses just come with the territory of toddlers and glasses. Zoe has “scratch resistant” lenses and we also try to be very careful with her glasses – only cleaning them with the microfiber cloths, and not setting them down on the lenses, but things happen: the glasses fall or are thrown, they play in sand and dirt, and I’ve noticed when Zoe see someone else wipe their glasses with their shirt, she’ll take hers off and do the same.

    I always struggle with that question of whether or not to send them in for repair, too, even with our unlimited replacements for scratches. since usually they have to send the frames and lenses in to get the lenses replaced (which I still don’t understand), so it means a week of no glasses for Zoe.


  2. Well, the manager called back and the problem is that she has long temples 135 rather than the standard 125 that comes with the little kids frames and he couldn’t even figure out where they got the origional 135 temples from. I guess cable temples are not popular and harder to find(I don’t know what I would ever do without them!) So he asked if we would be ok with switching everything to a Disney 187CC frame if he can’t find 135 cables. Guess we’ll find out in 6-8 business days what will happen. I am just so glad we are figuring these things out with the minor repairs and have had nothing major happen. (knock on wood)

    Ann, Now that you have 2 sets of glasses, do you think you will send them in more often?


  3. Franklin has two sets of glasses and it seems like one always has problems. We bought one pair at our eye doctor and a “cheap” pair at Costco, and although I’m not sure it saved us any money, he at least always had a pair of glasses to wear. As for scratching, one pair had scratch resistant lenses and the other didn’t, and they both looked the same after a year.

    Personally, I think the most important thing in dealing with kids glasses is to find a shop that has good customer service! For us, that’s Costco, of all places!


  4. I’m surprised to hear that cable temples are not popular, since I feel like I’m always hearing about them. So they may completely change the frame on you if they can’t find the cables? Wow.

    I do think I’ll send in the glasses more often for scratches now that we have 2 pair. I just hate having Zoe go for any period of time without her glasses.


  5. I’m STILL steaming. How long does it really take to find and order replacements??? It is now March 2nd. Have Elly’s glasses been fixed??? NO!!!! As a matter of fact. We have to wait another 8 days AGAIN because the staff didn’t order the part. Thank goodness it doesn’t affect the lenses. I don’t know what we would do going 1 1/2 months without glasses.


  6. Today is March 10th. I am happy to post that we actually came home with a pair of glasses that are not falling apart. The good news is that our OP changed her prescription (now up to -6.5) and the new pair has the new lenses. Other good news is they let me keep the broken pair as my consolation prize!


  7. I completely understand your frustrations… we are going through the same thing right now. We are waiting on new frames because Ellie broke off one of her temples. They glued them back on, but they are not very sturdy. We are also getting a new prescription put into the new frames, but they are taking their time to get the new frames in. It is frustrating because it should be more important to them to get the new prescription as soon as possible, but since it is a warranty claim, they are taking their time. We are also getting to keep the old frames with the old prescription, but at this rate, the old frames may be completely broken before we get the new ones. 🙂 Glad you got yours with the new prescription!!!


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