Poll: Temples

There has been some discussion in the comments about the types of temples on glasses.  I believe that cable – or comfort cable – temples are the ones the hook all the way around the ear, while skull temples (which sounds like the home of the villain in a fantasy novel) are the temples that just bend over the top of the ear.

You can choose more than one answer on the poll, just in case you have multiple frames with different temples.

The question also came up as to the age of kids with cable temples.  If you have a kid with cable temples on their glasses, what age are they?

9 responses to “Poll: Temples

  1. Nicholas has worn cable temples from day one. We find them to be great for keeping the glasses in place, easy to adjust or replace, and make pulling them off take a tad longer (in those not-too-happy-moments), so dad can lunge to intercede. : )


  2. Annie – did you notice a difference in the way Aubrie wears the different type of glasses? Which seem to work better for her?


  3. I really don’t notice a difference. The cable temples were definitely the way to go when she was younger. They stayed on well, and with her temper she tended to throw her glasses. It kind of showed down the motion a bit. As she grew they kind of irritated her ears though. We actually couldn’t find any cable temples for her next size up. I was a bit worried about it at first, but the skull temples seem to be fine now that she’s 3. She doesn’t ever throw them anymore when she’s mad, and she is actually somewhat responsible with them.


  4. I’m not sure who makes them I’d have to check tonight for you. Her last ones were disney, but these new ones were some other brand. We got lucky that they were purple…it was a big demand from her!


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