Poll – sunglasses

What do you all do for your kids when it’s sunny out (it’s hard for me to imagine such a thing right now, but I’m sure it’ll happen here sometime)?

(This question came in as a suggestion from the little four eyes facebook group.  On facebook?  Join us!)

8 responses to “Poll – sunglasses

  1. Thus far we havent quite figured what to do. Clip ons? Big hat…off more than its on. Baby Banz makes shades for kids, but I shudder to even find out how much a high index pair might cost.


  2. The kids’ optomotrist said that he could make a pair of kids sunglasses for about $100 (not using the specialty lenses). We considered it because the atrophine drops make Elly more affected by light. The problem with clip-ons is that they do not make them as small as most of us need them. At $20 it was more reasonable option for us. The optomitrist bent the top of the clip-ons to fit her glasses and they work great. We try the hat, but can only keep it on for so long.


  3. We had sunglasses for Reid before he had his prescription glasses. Now we hardly ever put sunglasses on him because we feel it is more important to have his other glasses on. Sun exposure to the eyes can be a big problem too though. Has anyone gotten transition lenses for their child’s glasses? Do they tolerate them? I mean, I have transition lenses because, having blue eyes, my eyes are very sensitive to the sunlight. I don’t even notice when they transition when I go outside, but the only issue is when I go back inside and they take a little while to transition back.


  4. We asked about transition lenses for Aubrie. She really wanted purple sunglasses the last time we went shopping & we found the purple frames so transitions seemed like a good idea. However, the eyeglasses store said they wouldn’t recommend the transitions for a toddler. I haven’t been able to find a good solution yet. We have a battle every summer when she starts seeing kids sunglasses in the stores. Now that she loves her glasses she can’t understand why she can’t have sunglasses too. It’s very frustrating for us.


  5. I’m just wondering what folks do for their toddlers who wear glasses but also need sunglasses. My daughter won’t keep a hat on and the clip ons don’t seem to works with her rubbery, tiny little frames. Is there a way to make the specialized lenses into transitionals? It’s really frustrating because the sunlight hurts her eyes so much that we don’t want her to be outside unless it’s shady and she WANTS to be outside all the time! Any help appreciated.


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