Question: if you don’t have a good selection of frames:

I’ve seen a lot of questions about what to do if the glasses providers near you don’t offer a good (or any) selection of frames for such young kids.  I know some of you are in this situation, any recommendations or advice?  I am realizing just how spoiled we are by our local children’s eyeglasses place that’s one mile down the road from us.

6 responses to “Question: if you don’t have a good selection of frames:

  1. I’m copying this comment that Heidi just made on the photo gallery page:

    “We just ordered new glasses for Bennett through Zenni Optical online and we LOVE them. They were only $38 including shipping and that’s for his strong prescription (-8 and -12.) They have smaller size frames than these for toddlers but these have been very durable. And so inexpensive!! I thought it may help another parent so here is a photo:


  2. Oh man I have to try this! I would really be able to afford Aubrie a pair of sunglasses off this website! At the eye glasses store a 2nd pair of sunglasses were $250 so we passed! It was insane! Thanks!


  3. I’ve ordered lots of glasses from Zenni Optical for my son – mostly spares and also Prescription sunglasses. They tint for only $4.95 extra!!!!
    You do need to know their PD and have their prescription handy and be patient – the shipping takes a couple of weeks. The savings is phenomenal though.


  4. I think it is great and we will also look into it. My worry is that I’ll be putting the worng perscription on my child. Our PO, however, has us bring in the glasses so they can check to make sure the perscription was filled correctly. I think this is wonderful and would hope all PO’s do this for our kids. We don’t make appointments for these, just stop in and they check them.


  5. We live in a city that is south of a lot of reservations and tiny isolated communities. Yesterday when picking out my daughter’s first pair of glasses at a local place that deals a lot with toddlers/kids, I met a woman who had to fly into the city for one day to get her daughter’s glasses fixed (cataracts) and fly back home. $600. While she was upbeat and happy to be getting it done, I was a little shocked that she would have to go to these lengths.


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