Monday (now Tuesday) round-up

You know how sometimes things just seem a lot harder than you think they should be?  Yeah, I’m having one of those nights, so this is just going to be in bullets (in fact, things took so long it went into the next morning.  sigh.  All better now).

  • More coloring pages!! I just got 4 new coloring pages from art student Meagan Nishi.  These are fun and whimsical scenes that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.  As always, feel free to print these out and share them.  If you’d like to link to them, please use this link.  The pages are more detailed, and have thinner lines than the page that Amomofelly made, so they may be harder for kids who are patching.  You might want to trace some of the lines with a thick marker if that’s the case.  Meagan is going to work on a couple more pages that have thicker lines.
  • click to get to the coloring pages!

    click to get to the coloring pages!

  • Children’s Eye Foundation Forums – The Children’s Eye Foundation is the official foundation of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS).  They have started a forum to connect parents dealing with childhood vision issues.  You can post pictures, start a blog, or connect through the forums.  It’s still very new, but I think it has a lot of potential.
  • Amblyopia Kids – a new blog chronicling adventures in amblyopia, patching, and atropine drops.  MT is the author, and she’s pulled together a lot of good information on amblyopia.  MT has also started a group on TwitterMoms called Smiling Eyes (I love the name!) for parents of kids with vision issues.
  • Very closely related to the point above – Little Four Eyes is now on Twitter (twitter id is littlefoureyes).  I’m not using it for much beyond announcements like the ones that are listed in the news section.
  • Little four eyes turned 1 on Sunday.  Thank you everyone for reading and writing and participating!!

Oh, and if you have a blog about children’s vision or vision issues that you’d like to have added to our Resources for Parent’s page, please let me know!

5 responses to “Monday (now Tuesday) round-up

  1. I love the new coloring pages. Perfect timing for me. The animals in glasses is actually one I plan on giving my 8 year old son who wears glasses and is autistic. He loves animals and likes to put sunglasses and his glasses on his stuffed animals!

    Thanks for the link!!!

    Oh and for Twitter you can go to twitterfeed and set it so it auto-pulls blog updates and broadcasts the link – makes it easy.


  2. Cute coloring pages! When Alex started Primary, he was patching and his vision was about 20/200 at that time. One of his teachers actually used glue to trace the lines in some of the pictures for him so that he could feel the edge while coloring. I wished I had thought of that before then, since coloring was always a chore. I hope that tidbit may help somebody else!


  3. Yes, they also blew things up for him, gave him his own alphabet on his desk (you know, the one that runs across the top of the chalk/white board…) and we were given special loose-leaf that had black lines instead of the light blue. We were extremely fortunate to be in a small school (125 kids p-5) where, when he couldn’t determine the line between pavement & playground, painted lines and put Yellow tape with sandpaper on every stair in the school!! The glue worked really well for us!


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