Interview with Chelsea, part II: Vision Therapy

Chelsea has worn glasses since she was 2 and is currently doing vision therapy to strengthen one eye. She has graciously agreed to answer some questions about doing vision therapy. She previously did an interview with us on growing up with glasses. You can read more of her writing on her blog, Roots and Rings. – Ann Z

~ ~ ~

Ann: You’ve written a few posts now on the vision therapy, are you still patching and doing the exercises each night?

Chelsea: I have been doing it since Feb. 11. I have only missed 2 nights. An hour each night is a lot to commit to! I’m about to go on a cruise and will be away from my computer for 7 nights. I have printed out word searches, puzzles, hidden picture games, etc. for me to do each night. Hopefully I won’t lose any ground on this trip.  [Note, she went on that cruise before this was published, I was a little slow getting this up – Ann Z]

Ann: Does your eye still feel tired after the exercises?

Chelsea: Yes and no. At the end of my exercise I am ready to go to sleep. However, it doesn’t feel strained anymore. I can definitely tell it has strengthened. (I can’t tell during the day, only when I’m doing my therapy.)

Ann: Have you noticed any changes?  Did your doctor talk about what improvement you might expect and how long it might take?

Chelsea: In my daily life, no. I first follow up isn’t until the middle of April. She was careful not to put a time table on it. Some people don’t respond to therapy. I assume she was really saying “Some people your age don’t respond to therapy.” It will work. I just know it will!

Ann: Do you think it makes it easier for you to do the therapy since you’re old enough to understand why you’re doing it, or do you think it would be easier if you were younger?

Chelsea: Yes yes. A thousand times yes. If I had to do an hour of therapy each night as a child, it would have been pure torture for my parents. I’m at an age where I appreciate the value of sight. This is all I’ve known. When I was younger, I didn’t know that I didn’t see well. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I don’t use my right eye. Without the knowledge of my situation and the hope for what “could be”, I wouldn’t have taken therapy seriously.

Ann: Thank you so very much, Chelsea!

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