Update on Mia: glaucoma valve shifting and corneal scarring

Danielle posted this comment recently, and I wanted to post it on the blog for anyone else dealing with glaucoma or cataracts.  -Ann Z

I just wanted to give everyone an updated on Mia, she went in for an EUA (exam under anesthesia) on Thursday.  Her PO told us that her glaucoma valve shifted even further and is pressing against her cornea which has caused scarring.  The scarring is not obstructing her vision so we have a few options that we will be discussing with her glaucoma specialist from Mass Eye & Ear.  She might need to have corneal replacement surgery, at which point she will receive a donor cornea from a cadaver.  I have read that many babies reject the donor tissue and I do not want Mia on anti-rejection medication at such a young age.  I have read articles about a relatively new procedure were they use an artificial cornea called Keratoprosthesis, I also read that there is a very low rejection rate.  I will be speaking to her glaucoma specialist about this new procedure, I am hoping that this is an option, Boston Children’s and Mass Eye & Ear are very advanced in technology so I hope this will be a possibility.  Another option is we can remove the valve and hope her high intraocular pressure (glaucoma) does not return.  Or we could do nothing and see if the valve shifts further causing the scar tissue to obstruct her vision. Either way she will end up needing another surgery.   She was also sized for a regular contact lens that we will hopefully receive within the next 2 weeks.  Other than the shifted valve and news of another surgery, she is doing extremely well and her procedure under anesthesia went really great, she was starved when she woke up.

4 responses to “Update on Mia: glaucoma valve shifting and corneal scarring

  1. Thanks for the update on Mia (she is just too too cute btw!) I’ll be interested to hear what your options are and what you decide to do. Good for you on the research!!
    Keep us posted!


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