Week 4 – Dr. Patch

Update: 11/21/2013:  I was contacted by a representative of Dr. Patch: ” Amomofelly mentions how easy it is to peak through the patch… We listened and created a new patch that fully occludes the eye”  We will see if we can review the new design and will link to that review when it’s done.

Welcome to our patch challenge- WEEK 4. My daughter is 2 ½ and has Amblyiopia. We are currently trying to help her brain recognize her right eye. She has perfect vision in her left eye and -7.75 in her right. Right before her last visit we made sure to put the atropine drops in and she was still able to see 20/30 with her strong eye. To me, that doesn’t blur her vision much, so we have stepped up the patching since it is more effective.

This week we tried DRPATCH INC. © All Rights Reserved.

Patent Pending. 783 Shefford, Bromont, QC, Canada J2L 1C4 450-919-0722 / 877-919-0722


Cost: Order child eye patches at six for $19.99 may 092

Ratings given 1-5 for the following criteria. 1 Doesn’t meet my expectations, 5 Exceeds my expectations

Cuteness Factor 5

Durability 2 *

Full Eye Occlusion 1

Performs with sweat 5

Patching Support 4

Reusable Yes

*When out and about, unless you remembered to bring their “bookmark” to keep the patch, there is really no place to put it so that you can re-use it. We tried the window of our car to hold it and the patch didn’t work afterwards. Also, when she took it off before I was able to stop her… the dirty toddler fingers did a number on the stickiness of the patch and we we’re not able to use it again.

Total patching hours for the week (Goal 14), Actual = 12 hours with this patch

Elly’s response: She loved the pictures and kept the patch on 12 hours in 2 days.

Mom’s response: I have procrastinated writing a review of this patch because I was very disappointed in how it occluded vision and knew my review was not going to be good. This patch is similar to a sticker that is placed on the outside of the child’s’ glasses. It comes with easy to read directions. It was pretty easy to make, even though I couldn’t find any scissors but kids’ scissors and it was cute.may 090 The package comes with 6 re-usable patches, but we could make 2 patches out of each (total of 12) because her glasses are so small. Although Elliana kept in on no problem for 6 hours every day, I know may 091that it wasn’t occluding her vision. She would tilt her head up or down to see things. I tried one on my glasses and found it very easy to peek around it. After telling her a minimum of 300 times to stop peeking, I realized that this patch was not meant for us and we switched the next day to a different patch. Since the whole point of patching is to occur the vision in the strong eye in order to strengthen the vision in her weak eye, I really feel that this product does not meet my expectations and is unfortunately not a patch that is perfect for everyone as they claim. Yes it is colorful and fun, but it is definitely not effective.

Maybe this patch would be better for someone with really big glasses that cover more of their eyes???

2 responses to “Week 4 – Dr. Patch

  1. Wow! I can’t believe that Elly’s vision is still 20/30 after atropine drops. Our Ellie’s vision is 20/40 in the better eye with correction, and yet we are patching it 6 hours a day. I was told that this is not a concern as children at Ellie’s age actually have not obtained perfect vision yet and this is fairly normal for kids her age. I know I really need to sit down and write out more about our vision therapy and the activities we have done as we went from 20/100 vision in the left eye to 20/50 vision in three months with vision therapy! Our PO does not believe it has to do with vision therapy, but I am convinced that it does. I know your Elly is nearsighted while ours is farsighted, but I am sure these activites can benefit her. If you would like, I can ask my vision therapist if the activities would be different for nearsighted children next time we go. We only go once every two weeks, as this is out of pocket. Strange how insurance companies rather pay for a surgery than for therapy to prevent surgery. 🙂 Thanks for the patch review, too! I know I am not the only one benefiting from this HUGE research project you are doing! I know this patch would not work for our Ellie either as her glasses slide down and she peeks around pretty much any reusable patch we have ever tried, but I will order one of the other ones you researched today as the sticky patches are constantly coming off now with the heat. Hope you are having a better patch for this week and your Elly is cooperating!!!


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