Monday morning round-up: May 18 edition

  • Hearing and vision– an interesting and important post by Amblyopia Kids about her daughter’s difficulties with a hearing screening while wearing a patch (she passed with flying colors when she didn’t have the patch on).  Definitely worth reading and keeping in mind for hearing screenings.
  • Anesthesia and learning disabilities – Danielle alerted me to this article from the Pediatric Glaucoma & Cataract Family Association.  A new study shows a correlation between repeated exposure to anesthesia and learning disabilities.  However, the article, and the study’s authors specifically note that “These data cannot reveal whether whether exposure to anesthesia itself may contribute to” learning disability.  Read the full article for all the details.
  • Spending time outside may reduce risk of myopia – researchers in Australia have found that populations where children spend most of their time indoors have a much higher rate of myopia, according to this article.  They theorize that the effect may be related to dopamine released in response to outdoor light.  Found via a tweet from Bright Eyes News’.
  • Astronomy technology for viewing eyesvery cool article on The Eye Care Blog about how technology used by astronomers to get a clearer view of the stars may give eye doctors a clearer view of the retina.
  • Calendar contestWe’re at 15 photos now!  Thomas Rogers from the Children’s Eye Foundation also sent me a note to clarify the contest.  The top 12 vote-getters get a digital camera, but CEF will decide which photos to include in the calendar,“the end result will be representative of our organization and its goals, to eliminate preventable blindness in children.”

Hope everyone has a great week!

One response to “Monday morning round-up: May 18 edition

  1. Thanks for always keeping us updated. I think I need to get Elly’s hearing screening done. Sometimes I think she is not hearing things… but maybe it’s the age. Worth a visit though! Who do you go to for hearing screenings?

    Also, I am glad to hear that the calendar will represent their mission! I think all of our kids are adorable in their glasses and would love a calendar filled with their smilling faces. What a good motivation it would be to have up everyday for Elly to see!


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