6 responses to “Poll – What would you do?

  1. This has happened to me! We got almost to dance/school and a little voice peeped up from the back that she didn’t have her glasses or her patch on!

    We turned around.


  2. We would without a doubt turn around. However, now that Aubrie has worn glasses for almost 2 years she looks funny without them. They have become a part of her so I usually notice first thing when they are missing 🙂


  3. Hah. Ann and I had different answers. I guess we need a third option – “discuss what we should do until we end up there without glasses anyway”.


  4. If we don’t have spares with us we do turn around – Bennett becomes incredibly frustrated if he cannot see and we don’t feel right about forcing him to walk around like that. With glasses he’s seeing 20/100, we have no clue what he’s seeing (or not seeing) without glasses so we do make sure he always has them. And with five little kids, we’re lucky to get anywhere on time anyway. 🙂


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