New guide for ordering glasses online

I’ve finally finished putting together the guide to ordering children’s glasses online, pulling from many of your comments and experiences.  It’s linked from the Resources and the Collected Wisdom pages.  I’m still quite hesitant about ordering primary glasses for Zoe online, but we had a good experience ordering her prescription sunglasses.  I’d love any of your comments or suggestions for the guide!

6 responses to “New guide for ordering glasses online

  1. Ann,
    I feel the same way! I love Aubrie’s sunglasses, but I’m very nervous about getting primary glasses from Zenni. We have to repair them often (about once a month) and I’m worried about the fit. Now I realize every year she gets easier on her glasses & we have less repairs and breakage, but it’s still pretty often. Does anyone on here order primary glasses from Zenni? Does it work out well? I realize I could order her almost 12 pairs from Zenni for the price I pay locally, but it still worries me. I did notice her sunglasses lenses are very very thick, so perhaps I ordered the wrong kind of lense as well, but since they are for fun I wasn’t too concerned. I definitely don’t want those in primary glasses though! Thanks for all the research!


  2. I’m pretty sure Heidi ordered Bennet’s glasses from Zenni. Yep, here’s the comment

    If the lenses look thick, then you can order a higher index lens – those are considerably more expensive, but lighter weight and thinner. We didn’t get the high index lenses for the sunglasses either, since we were going for relatively inexpensive, especially for the first time ordering online.

    Anyone else?


  3. Only spares and sunglasses from Zenni here. I always like to get their “good” pair local for adjustments etc and then use the online sites for backup.


  4. Ann, did you see that has a PD measurement tool? If you make sure you have a straight on picture of your face, you can upload it to “try on” glasses on their site, then you can measure the PD digitally. I can’t vouch for how accurate it is – maybe someone who knows their PD can check it out and see if it matches up with the number they already have?


    • Nicole, I can’t find the measurement tool, I’d be happy to try it out with a picture of Zoe and a picture of me, since I have both PD measurements handy, to see if they’re similar to what the optician measured. Do you have a link?


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