This morning when I dropped Zoe off at daycare, one of the teachers told me that Zoe had come up to her yesterday and said, “Kathy, you wear glasses.  Just like Zoe!”  It was nice to hear that Zoe’s speaking more in full sentences (she’s been pretty shy about talking at daycare), but it made me a little sad that she’s now noticing who wears glasses and who doesn’t.  Ever since she got glasses, I’ve pointed out when others wear glasses, whether it’s characters on tv shows, or toys, or other children or family members – obviously not everyone I see, but I do make it a point in some cases.  I want her to see how wonderful and normal glasses can be.  But now I’m wondering if that does more to emphasize that glasses are something strange or different.

Any thoughts?  Do you point out other characters or people in glasses to your child?

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  1. We do point out other people in glasses esp other small children. Aubrie is always excited to meet other kids in glasses just like her. She also talks about how her Daddy & PaPa wears glasses and why her brother & I do not. I’ve always told her she wears glasses because she’s very special and they help her see better. So now she says we don’t wear glasses because we’re not special! I imagine she thinks we can’t see well too! ha ha!


  2. My daughter loves to see and point out other kids wearing glasses like she does. Oh, and she is funny because if she sees an older (than 4) girl wearing glasses… sometimes even a teenager she is like “loook at her she is pretty with those glasses, Mama!”


  3. My 3 1/2 yo glasses-wearer often points out people’s glasses. And she has even gotten to the point where when I’m not wearing my glasses she points that out, too. I think it’s cute, and I think it’s only natural for kids to identify sames and differents. Since this you’ve stressed this as a positive thing, I don’t see the harm.


  4. No, we’ve never pointed out other people with glasses. Looking back, we did make a point of saying “great patch”, etc. as positive reinforcement to other children if we saw one out & about being patched.


  5. I haven’t pointed it out unless it’s a small child, back when Bennett was very young and we would get excited and say how nice they looked. But my husband and I both wear glasses, the older cousins, and most of Bennett’s aunts and uncles and grandparents. Our kids assume everyone eventually gets to wear glasses and Bennett got to start early just because he showed up so early. 🙂 (In his case, his prematurity was the cause for the glasses.)


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