Missing pair of glasses.

Elly’s favorite glasses are back! Our back up pair of glasses has been missing for over a month. The search hit high gear when one of her cable temples to her current pair broke in half. Could we find the extra set, NO! Where can small glasses hide???

Well, I have looked in many unusual places for the last month… only to find them when cleaning out the pile of papers on the counter today. Guess I killed two birds with one stone!

“My favorite glasses are back!” was the shrill squeal I received upon showing my prize find to Elly. She immediately threw her newer pair with the correct prescription off and put the others on. She was sooooooooo excited to have them back and they do just seem to sit perfectly on her face. I think I am going to have to pay the $50 to have them change the lens on the right so that they are in the most current prescription and she can wear them any time she wants.

Has anyone else lost a pair of glasses? These things are like gold – how and where did you find them, so that next time our get lost, I will know to check those places first!

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  1. Never with Belle (yet, knock on wood LOL) But with my son.. oh my oh my. The boy lost so many glasses. He even lost some on the schoolbus and I KNEW they didn’t come home. But, his teachers said they were on him when he left…. They turned up a few WEEKS later from the bus aide who said she found them under a seat and thought they looked like Alex’s. Bless her!!!! I had already gone out and bought replacements since his backups weren’t working out and he loved the other ones so much.

    After that we even tried the EyeWhere which is a beeper that you use to try to find glasses. It really isn’t made for kids glasses since the contraption you attach to the glasses is a bit too large and bulky. He has lost his glasses many a time in his bunk bed also… Apparently he puts them on when he goes to the bathroom at night and then goes back into his bed with them on.. or something!

    The reason why his glasses are strapped on his head now all day right up until he goes to bed!!!!


  2. We have also lost glasses! The first year Aubrie had glasses we only had the one pair. She had sat them on a side table and we searched and searched the entire house…all the toys & stuffed animals & beds. Thank the lord they were safely sitting on a table we didn’t even know she could reach! It is definitely quite upsetting though when you can’t find them…replacements aren’t cheap! We now always have a backup pair which has been a lifesaver for when her glasses break or need repaired.


  3. This was one of my biggest fears when Zoe first got her glasses. I’ve misplaced my own enough that I was sure I’d lose hers. Luckily it hasn’t been too much of a problem.

    We lost them once when Zoe threw them out of the stroller on a walk. That was a horrifying moment when we got home and realized she wasn’t wearing her glasses. Chris re-walked the route and thankfully found them in the leaves. That made me very grateful that we’d decided to go with the bright red frames, and not brown or orange ones.

    I remember reading someone’s story (Heidi’s?) about her son hiding his glasses in the laundry shoot, and them finding multiple pairs stashed there later.

    I’m with Annie – it’s a great reason to have a back up pair of glasses.


  4. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve lost glasses – but yes, that was us (laundry chute.) Whenever there is a prescription change we keep old pairs as back up and have them stashed in the kitchen drawer and car, my purse, etc. We’ve only had two pairs disappear never to be found again – and one pair was flushed down the toilet. He had tried to flush a pair before when he was angry but left the arms extended so I found them in the toilet. The next time he remembered, folded the arms closed then flushed them. He confessed.

    I’ve ordered back ups from Zenni just to be safe.

    Oh, I should say Bennett’s antics were those of very little child – 2 and 3 years old. He’s four now and a bit more careful with his glasses. 🙂


  5. We’ve only lost a pair of glasses once, when Sarah was under a year old but on the move, I noticed that she was not wearing them one afternoon. We searched EVERYWHERE! I knew they had to be in the house, because I had taken a photo of her asleep in her playpen that morning and they were beside her among the toys.

    We finally found them, a few days later, under the stove!


  6. oh how timely this discussion is for me! We have lost Pari’s very expensive glasses and cannot find them anywhere!!! All up with new lenses and a repair they have cost me around the A$650 mark and she loves them and they are the perfect fit. I almost cried when I realised that it didnt look like we were going to find them. My mum feels terrible as she was minding the children for the weekend, when they went missing. We back tracked everywhere she had been and searched teh house in every possible area for two solid days. Anyway we had a back up pair taht Paris is not all the keen on but they are going to have to do for now! Although, I got a great new nose bride for them today which seems to make a big difference. On another note, it was good timing in that her script changed today slightly so at least we needed new lenses but the frames were so good. I am still so upset about it. Now she will have to be without glasses for a few days while the old glases get the new lenses. Anyway, what do you do!!! I am thinking of getting them insured, they are soooo expensive to replace. Hopefully it will get a a bit easier when she gets older and it a bit more responsible with them.


  7. no I have just had to get new lenses in the old frames, as I said she is keeping them on with the new nose bridge thankfully. I have also ordered a back up pair that were a little more reasonable. The PO has asked us to patch two hours per day so I am nervous about that. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good patch. He has given me stick on ones that look like a big band aid really. I cannot see her keeping this on at all but I know for a fact that if she just has a patch over the glasses she will just rip them off. It is not going to be fun. Say a prayer for us! 🙂


    • Hang in there Inrid. Patching is hard, but if we have the chance to improve our kids vision, it is completely worth it. I would start with Camille at FrameHuggers, http://www.framehuggers.com/ I need to write my review (hope to do it this weekend) In a nutshell, they are soft, hard to remove from the glasses and fully occlude vision. Elly has done FABULOUS with the patches and keeps the frame hugger on 10 hours a day. Negatives are they are a little bulky and more expensive than most.


  8. Thanks so much for the info. The only thing is do you think she would keep the glasses on with them? She is nineteen months so I just dont think she would keep the glasses on if they had a patch on them. I think I am going to have to physically stick a patch on that she cant remove? In that case, are there any stick on ones that you recommend until she is a bit bigger and we can maybe reason with her a bit more!!!


    • We started with the sticky patches too. They are ok for a couple hours a day.
      With the fabric patches, Elly does take her whole pair of glasses off a couple times a day and says “I need a break.” Then we just put it back on. I think some insurances cover patches, but you need to order them from a supply company. The sticky ones get expensive, so it is worth calling your insurance company to check.


  9. oh, forgot to mention WE FOUND THE GLASSES!!!! I actually danced around!! lol….so happy to have them back, she really does love them. 🙂 Still ordering new lenses in the old frames for back up though. I wont get caught out again!


    • Yeah!!! So happy, you found the glasses! I agree with you about the stick on patches versus the one that attaches to her glasses. We found this to be true for our daughter as well. Patching is very hard in the beginning (since you are taking all of her good vision away), but if you can be persistent about it, it gets better as the lazy eye improves. It maybe good to consider doing the stick on patches and the patch on the glasses to get her used to the patch being on the glasses and then as time passes and she does better with it, leaving the stick on kind off and see how she does. The stick on kind is of course more expensive with time and it can sometimes irritate their skin, but to start out with for us, this was the way to go until she got used to the patch. Amomofelly reviewed the Fresnel patches a while ago here: http://littlefoureyes.com/2009/04/24/week-1-myi-occlusion-eye-patches/ and if I had to order stick on patches for Ellie, these would be the ones, I would buy! The key to patching successfully with us was to put on the patch first thing in the morning and immediately get her busy and distracted until it was time to take the patch back off. Going outside is a great way to get our daughter’s mind off of things that bother her! We’ll be praying for you!


  10. Jillian takes her glasses off, and tosses them. They are pink and clear, and they hide on hardwood floors, on our yellow linoleum, under the bed, on the carpet…they are plain hard to see. They are also little as she is not even two yet and is small for her age. We’ve found them in the corner under the computer desk, in the bottom drawer of a dresser, and recently lost them for two days. I was going crazy, looking everywhere, encouraging the kids to look everywhere. I kept asking Jillian where she put them, but she didn’t give in. Finally, we were all on a glasses search and I walked into her room. Jillian was sitting on the floor and smiling. She put her hand into and out of her doll house quickly. Then, with the widest grin, she handed me her glasses. I suspect she knew where they were all along. Little stinker. Just now, when we couldn’t find them, I sent the six year old up to look in the dollhouse. They weren’t in it, but were sitting beside it. Must be a favorite place for her to hide them.


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