explaining the whys and hows of glasses to young children

I recently came across the website whyzz.com – they try to answer the why and how questions in a way that understandable to kids ages 3 to 8.  I found a few questions and answers that might be of interest, especially if you find yourself trying to explain glasses or vision to young kids.  Some of the answers are a little high level for young kids, but I could really see them being of use if you were talking with a class of preschoolers or older.  What I really like is that all three of the answers include further activities and questions for exploring the topic more.

Here’s the three questions I found that have to do with glasses and vision.  There are no questions about patching, but you can contribute your own question and answer if anyone wants to take that on.  Are there other vision-related questions you’ve had to answer for kids?

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