kids’ glasses and personality

I ran across a tweet this afternoon that got me thinking:

VisionExpo_twitter_avatarVisionExpo 73% of American’s believe a person’s choice of eyeglasses reflect their personality, data courtesy of VisionWatch… What do you think???

Do your kids’ glasses reflect their personalities?   Do they reflect yours?  Or do they reflect the often paltry selection that you have to choose from in many places.  We were lucky to have a place with a wide selection, and I think it’s too bad that more places don’t have great selections for kids’ glasses so they can reflect all the different personalities of our kids.  Though in our case, I’m pretty sure Zoe ended up with two pairs that were more a reflection of what her dad and I like (me the blue pair, him the red pair) combined with our knowledge of her personality.  But she wasn’t really old enough to pick her own out at that point.  Her next pair(s) she’ll probably have more to say about which ones she wants.

6 responses to “kids’ glasses and personality

  1. I think even though we have a poor selection of glasses here, we are still able to find something that reflects Aubrie’s personality. Her last two pairs were purple which was by far her favorite color. Her current pair are pale pink kind of plastic cat eyes with rhinestone hearts on the corners. She fell in love with them when she saw them…as did I! The apple didn’t fall too far from my fashion tree 😉


  2. I am looking forward to when Paris can pick her own glasses! She is only 22 months so we chose obviously but I think they really reflect her personality. I think there are plenty of places that don’t offer a wide range for kids, toddlers in particular. I have noticed the range and choices are wider as they get older. I love all the girly pink ones with sparkles and rhinestones. Paris may feel differently however!! 🙂


    • Oh they are fantastic Ingrid! I’ll try to remember to look up the brand for you for the next time you go shopping. At 3 it seemed Aubrie started having a style preference in the glasses so I have a feeling it will be a tough go from now on – she’s very opinionated!!


  3. I also have 2 sons who are 4 eyes. One has hyperopia and the other has myopia. There are little selections of kids eyeglasses where we are from, and the good ones are quite costly. Anyway, we found them those that are durable (made of plastic and titanium?), out of practicality, and those which also will render them fashionable and good-looking.


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