Call for posts

I’m swamped at work right now – it’s the beginning of the school year – so posting will be pretty light the next couple of weeks.  If anyone has any thoughts on topics or wants to write a post, just email it my way ( and I’ll try to get it posted quickly.

Anyone’s kids starting school this fall?

4 responses to “Call for posts

  1. We start preschool on Tuesday the 8th. Aubrie is VERY excited, but I’m nervous about it. She’s pretty shy so I’m not sure if we’ll have a major melt down the first day or not. I think as far as her glasses go, I may put a spare pair in her back pack along with a cleaning cloth & spray. I hope the glasses don’t break at school, but with her anything is possible! I’ll also be interested to see if she gets many comments about her glasses. So far she does not, but she’s not around a ton of kids all the time. We should post pics of all the kids if there are many more starting 🙂


  2. your daughter looks ADORABLE in her glasses! how cute are they!! If anything I am sure she got lots of comments saying just that? It just goes to show that glasses on little ones don’t have to take away from a child’s appearance or cuteness, if anything they enhance it! I know Paris is in big demand for hugs at my older childrens school at drop off and pick up time becasue the children think she is just soooo cute in her glasses!


    • You are absolutely right Ingrid. I think she gets much more attention than other little girls because of her glasses. When she first started crossing her eyes, my biggest fear was that she’d look funny in her glasses or not like herself. She has really big beautiful brown eyes with long eyelashes & the thought of covering them up was so upsetting! It sounds so ridiculous now that I even thought that!!! She’s so stinking cute in them and doesn’t look like herself when they are not on! I have to try & remember to get the brand for you – so sorry! I think they forgot to tell parents that when you have kids that you will also lose the better part of your memory!


    • Ingrid I looked for the style & brand, but all her glasses say is pink…go figure. Next time we’re at the optical shop I’ll try to remember to check the info so I can share. (I think we’re due for a tightening soon, or I have a fear we’ll need completely new frames. Thanks go out to my wild 2 year old son loving his sister’s pink glasses as well!)


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