Reader question: School help in getting child to wear glasses

This question was posted by a reader on the Little Four Eyes facebook group.  -Ann Z

We found out a few weeks ago our child is near-sighted. Can anyone speak to whether doctors usually write notes to inform schools that a child needs to wear glasses? We have written two notes so far this first month of school and the teacher has reminded my daughter once and the rest of the time her glasses are stowed away in her desk. My child is 6. The past couple of days her eyes looked strained, puffy, tired and bloodshot. At what point should I involve the principal or should I try popping in unexpectedly and interrupting the class in order to remind her myself? Thanks in advance.

One response to “Reader question: School help in getting child to wear glasses

  1. As a teacher, I always made sure the kids that needed glasses not only had them on, but also sat in the front during circle and story time and had their chair facing and closest to me during whole group instruction. I would suggest scheduling a conference to meet with the teacher when they have time to discuss accomidations that can and should be made in the classroom. Additionally, I would call your school and ask to speak with the vision specialist or counsler (they are usually the ones that help coordinate meetings) A vision specialist may be able to come to the classroom and give the teacher additional pointers. Last, and not least, I would try to find a way to help your 6 year old be accountable for their glasses. Some kids are great if you explain the benefits of wearing them and the consequences of not (loss of privlages at home) Maybe a week reward chart? Maybe an end of the week celebration for wearing for a whole week with no reminders? Hope this helps!


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