Pumpkin “Patch” Time

Elly was super excited about patching at the pumpkin patch today!   Using  a stack of foam from the dollar store, a black permanent marker, packing tape, scissors and an exacto knife… we came up with this patch.  I would say it is only sturdy enough for a one or two time use, but we had a ton of fun making and wearing it!  IMG_4087

9 responses to “Pumpkin “Patch” Time

    • We are excited about dress up too… although she did get a “Are you pretending to be a pirate?” question at the pumpkin patch. ARGH – does she look like a pirate?


  1. aw she looks gorgeous. Good on you guys, you really seem to make patching fun which is so important! Can I ask what your daughters scipt is again? Paris is -4.5 in right and plano in left. She has just had her glasses updated from -4 and I noticed she is pulling them off, I wonder why and she is not wanting to patch? Going to see PO tomorrow. He said it may be too much for her? It is her full script now. She also has astigmatism in that myopic eye so he has added that too this time. I know Ellie is similar to Paris in that she has a minus lense in one eye only is that right? She has made progress with the patching though, the PO said she has gone from 3/18 in that eye to 3/12, the normal eye is 3/6. Any advice you could offer would be great. Cheers, Ingridx


    • Her script is now at -1.5 in L and -8.5 in R. When we upped the perscription this last time, she really had a hard time adjusting and wanted to take lots of “breaks” from her glasses. It took about 3 weeks for her to adjust and now we have absolutely no issuses. Hang in there, the transition time is tough. The really good news is that she was actually seeing about 20/50 in both eyes with her glasses (something we all never thought possible) Now we just need to get both eyes to work together!


  2. thanks amomofelly. I took her today and the PO seems to think becasue she is so young and we have time, he may just step it back a bit and keep wearing her current prescription and then step it up again in a while (great we have just paid for new lenses!!!). I am so glad to hear of you success. I think that will be the thing for Paris, she sees well out of both eyes but getting them to work together is the thing! Has Ellie had surgery to correct the exotropia? I asked the PO that and he said that is something we can fix later if need be, he said the vision has to be the best it can be before that? So much to think about, I drive myself nuts! thanks amomofelly x


    • We did switching back and forth between perscriptions during the transition. Once she got the perscription figured out we bought a back-up pair from JCPenny that Elly calls her driving glasses because they are more boxy and have regular temples. NO surgery yet, maybe around kindergarten and a possibility of Lasic after 20yrs old. Until then… patching 10-12 hours a day. Thankfully with Annissa’s patch and Framehuggers combined with our new neighbors and OT, patching is going much better! Hang in there and keep us updated!


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