how often do your child’s glasses prescriptions change

A friend asked me this morning how often you could expect a child’s glasses prescription to change, and I don’t have a good answer (though I’ll try to do some research when I get a chance).  The answer will no doubt depend on your child’s age, and their vision, but I wanted to get a sense of how often children need their glasses prescriptions updated.   Zoe’s prescription changed 3 times her first year, and hasn’t changed yet this second year.

4 responses to “how often do your child’s glasses prescriptions change

  1. My little guys prescription has changed twice since he has gotten his first pair of glasses in January. However, our PO does not dilate his eyes to check for changes at every visit.


  2. My daughter’s situation is very similiar to Darlene’s son….Emma got her first pair of glasses in February and her prescription has not changed since. Our PO does not dilate her eyes either at every visit – he is planning on doing that at her annual in early February.


  3. I don’t think we’ve had a single eye doctor visit without getting a new prescription though we now go annually instead of every six months – Bennett’s almost 5 and seems to have slowed down in the dramatic changes. The first year we had visits at least every six months and new lenses after each visit. I was also told insurance will only cover new lenses once a year (and one replacement pair if broken) unless there’s a significant enough change in prescription so a slight change may not get coverage.


  4. Despits numerous visits over a year, N’s presription has changed only one. Pretty significantly, but still one.

    Now ask how many times we’ve had to replace them due to two-now-three-year-old-MrDestructo?



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