Polls: How often have you replaced your child’s glasses for non-prescription change reasons?

Since GeorgeB asked…  How often have you had to replace your child’s frames or lenses in the past year for non-prescription related reasons (that would be broken or scratched lenses, or outgrown, broken, bent, twisted, or otherwise destroyed frames).  I did two polls, one for lenses and one for frames.  You can vote more than once if you have more than one child in glasses.

7 responses to “Polls: How often have you replaced your child’s glasses for non-prescription change reasons?

  1. We just took Zoe’s glasses in for the first lens replacement in over a year. She took a face-dive on a walk the other day and scratched up the lenses, and her face (face has healed, we’re waiting for the new lenses).


  2. aww shucks, thanks…

    In the past year we’ve done 3 frames, 1 complete pair, 1 set of lenses, one single lens (popped out on playground). And just last week..new spare frame. (durrent pair about to give up the ghost.



  3. Oh goodness – I think Aubrie went through her last frames 5 times in one year thanks to her brother, but no lenses. This year she has the most adorable pink frames with rhinestones, but the rhinestones pop out so we’re on our 3rd frames since July and 2nd lenses. We’ve never replaced lenses before, but she laid these on concrete and it did some serious damage. Thank goodness for warranties!!


  4. My 3 year old is horrible on frames. In the past year she has had 6 pairs of frames from Walmart-beware of the cheap frames and 2 pairs from lenscrafters. I recently complained about a Walmart pair breaking in less than a week when she was laying her head on a bean bag. They did replace those for free and I refused to buy the same pair again so they put them in another frame. Also, I discovered after leaving Lenscrafters that instead of replacing her frames they took a new pair of frames that I paid half for and patched her old frames. It had been a horrible day and lens crafters is a two hour drive so I did not go back. They did however give me all the parts to the new pair of frames I had purchased to fix her old ones. The Walmart pair is her backup pair so I naturally went for cheap and figured they would replace them but those 4 replacements went fast. I recently bought her a third pair from walmart in august during back to school specials since she had exceeded her warranty and so far so good.

    So I guess my next question would be is it more economical to buy expensive or cheaper glasses? Are the expensive ones really worth it? I have gone back and forth on this and it’s hard to decide. Since I have two in glasses it’s harder for me to fork out the big bucks but I have also had expensive pairs broken fairly easily. They usually mess up the nose pads or sheer them off completely on the expensive pairs. I usually buy a cheap pair and a more expensive pair but not top of the line. I guess I should start looking at the warranty coverage and then look at the price tag.
    Also, has anyone ever returned glasses in the time period because you or your child did not like them? I returned my 5 year old’s transition lenses because she disliked them and they replaced them with regular lenses and refunded the difference.


    • That’s a good question about whether expensive or cheap glasses are the better deal. We’ve had excellent luck with the frames that we’ve bought – they were expensive – the first pair was twisted nearly beyond recognition, and the lady at the optical shop was able to get them right back to new. Her current ones haven’t bent or scratched or broken. But I will also admit that Zoe’s not hard on her glasses frames. She’s good at defending them against other kids and not trying to throw them or bend them or anything. She doesn’t do a lot of running or tackling or rolling on the ground. The lenses she’s pretty hard on, but not so much the frames.


  5. We’ve only ever bought the same frame/style..however I would always look at the warranty first.

    Ours have a 1 year warranty. Saved plenty on breaks/etc


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