delurk for sight 2010!

It is once again International Delurking Week in the blog world – that’s the week when bloggers try to encourage their readers to comment and let us know you’re reading.  As with last year, I’m providing some incentives during the week to encourage you to comment.

For the next 7 days, that’s the very end of today, January 4 through Tuesday, January 12, I will donate:

  • $1 for every comment you leave – regardless of which post or page it’s left on (spam comments don’t apply).  I’ll try to make it easier on you by posting a lot during the week.
  • $2 for new photos submitted to the gallery (if your kid is already featured in the gallery, sorry, you’ll just have to get the donation through commenting).  Email the photos to
  • $2 for any “Your stories…” post submissions.  Email your story to

This year, donations will go to ORBIS International, an organization whose mission is to “eliminate avoidable blindness in developing countries by strengthening the capacity of our local eye health partners to prevent and treat avoidable blindness.”  ORBIS works with local partners such as hospitals, universities, and health departments to provide quality eye care.  All projects are geared towards sustainability so that activities can continue after ORBIS assistance has ended.  You can find out more about ORBIS at their blog and their website, and read about some of their success stories.

I’ll post an update on funds raised each day on the sidebar.

So leave a comment!

11 responses to “delurk for sight 2010!

  1. Hi –
    Just stopped by to check in on you – I did not know it was International De-Lurking week – hmmm methinks we need to do something over at Cribsheet to get the lurkers to delurk.
    Great idea!!



  2. Just delurking, first time here, wondering if my 6 mo old needs glasses. She was trying to hit two cups together and missed several times


    • Welcome Lisa, at 6 months old children are still exploring their world and can miss many times, but I think that you should definately bring your little one in to a pediatric opthamologist. We just had to call our pediatritian and request a referal. State your concern and ask to be refered to a pediatric opthamologist in your area. Our pediatritian did not catch our vision issue and I am SO thankful that we saw a specialist. It could either find a vision issue or aleviate your fears. Let us know if you have other questions. Your child is so lucky to have a parent who is concerned about their health and well being =)


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