on the question of straps

I felt like I kept running in to mentions of glasses straps the past couple of days.  First, Camille from Framehuggers (one of the highly rated patches that Amomofelly reviewed) tweeted that she had finished developing a head strap for infants and children and needs moms to test it out for free.  Update: Camille has enough moms currently for testing.  I’ll definitely update everyone when she has the strap ready to sell.

Then Leah left a comment in the photo gallery asking about using the band that came with her son’s Miraflex glasses.  How tight or loose should it be?  And where should the strap sit on a child’s head?

We’ve never used a strap to keep Zoe’s glasses up, but I know other people have had a lot of success with them.  How about you?  Do you use straps or bands to keep your child’s glasses up?  Any recommendations or tips or tricks?

6 responses to “on the question of straps

  1. We used a strap in the beginning as our son was still quite young (18 months) but now that he is used to them he wears it as needed.

    (Note from Ann Z, I pasted the comment from the actual poll, that’s why this is showing up with my picture, not Holly’s)


  2. We tried Camille’s Frame Hugger strap on our sunglasses when we played soccer and they worked great, but we don’t need it with our cable temples!


  3. We have never used a strap. Aubrie’s first glasses were cable temples and they were great. Now that she has regular temples we still do OK because she’s not too active. However, she’s in gymnastics now so a strap may be a need soon.


  4. We used a pseudo-strap when C was 7 months until she grew more. Her glasses were Miraflex, but I didn’t like the strap that came with it. My mom found some white elastic ribbon at the fabric store. So, I would cut a piece and wrap around the glasses (behind the ears) and tie the ribbon behind her head. The nice thing is that the ribbon is soft and not tight. Plus no buckle of any sort on the strap. There would not be any discomfort for an infant who didn’t sit up all the time.


  5. We have only had glasses with cable temples, since 6months to today. Overall theyve held up/on even in rough n tumble play.


  6. We tried straps when Bennett first got glasses (at 15 months/11 months adjusted age) though we found that it just gave him good resistance so he could snap the arms off of his glasses faster when he yanked them off his head. Needless to say we gave up on straps! 🙂


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