When to take your child in to get their glasses adjusted

After my last post about our latest trip to the glasses shop to get all of  Zoe’s glasses adjusted, Darlene left a comment asking for more information about my comment that Zoe’s blue glasses were leaving red marks on her nose.  She wondered if red marks were always an indication of a bad fit, and whether the marks were gone now that those frames have been adjusted.  I figured I’d write a new post, since knowing when to take Zoe’s glasses in to get them adjusted is something I still struggle with.

To answer Darlene’s questions, I turned to Danielle Cruss (who goes by Miss Danielle on her website).  She is a Master-Certified Optician, who specializes in fitting and dispensing glasses for children.  She has a website that’s chock full of great information on children’s glasses, A Child’s Eyes.  Her website is listed on my page of resources for parents, but it’s such a good website, I didn’t think it would hurt to bring it up again.

One of the pages on A Child’s Eyes focuses specifically on the importance of getting glasses to fit correctly for a child.  The last three paragraphs talk about signs that you should bring your child’s glasses in for adjustments.  Specifically, marks on the side of their faces, and marks on the backs of their ears.  Marks on the side of their faces need quick attention (adjustments or new frames) as they can indicate that the frames are interfering with your child’s normal head growth.

I also interviewed Miss Danielle a year ago, and asked her for more information about signs that you child’s glasses aren’t fitting correctly, and here’s what she said:

If you notice any of the following you should stop by and have your child’s glasses adjusted:

  • glasses that slip down,
  • marks on the nose that are uneven or not symmetrical on either side of the nose,
  • marks on the nose that don’t go away after about 5 minutes,
  • glasses that are crooked on their face,
  • any marks behind the ears.
  • For the younger ones, if you notice any behavior changes, i.e.: doesn’t want to wear them, picking at their ears or rubbing their eyes, and watery eyes. [I can absolutely validate this one!  A while back, I noticed Zoe all of a sudden stopped wearing her glasses.  Turns out they were really crooked, and really messing up her vision – Ann Z]

The full interview is here, and is also worth a read if you missed it the first time around.  Miss Danielle really shared a ton of fantastic information.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’d forgotten that I’d asked her about this in the interview until I went back to re-read it tonight.

I can answer Darlene’s last question all by myself – this evening I checked Zoe’s nose after she’d worn her blue glasses all day.  There were slight indentations on her nose, but no more red marks.   Hooray!

4 responses to “When to take your child in to get their glasses adjusted

  1. Great post, Ann!! Glad to hear that Zoe’s red marks are gone!! I worked late last night so Abigail was in bed when I got home – but I’ll be checking her little nose tonight to see how her red marks look!!


  2. Hey Ann, this is incredibly helpful. I will keep it in mind. Stella gets her first pair of glasses soon–they should be in tomorrow! I’m so worried about what can go wrong, and this list makes me feel a bit more empowered.

    I realized something. We got her glasses at a place that’s a bit far away. I wonder if I could take her somewhere closer for adjustments? If I pay a fee? Or maybe where my husband gets his glasses? Anyone have experience with this sort of situation? If her glasses need frequent adjustments, I’m not going to want to make a huge trek to do it. I kind of knew that going into it, but the place where we got her glasses had such a huge selection of glasses for kids, is completely focuses on children and even has an indoor playground! It’s the only place I felt really confident… I felt best about getting her first pair there!

    Thanks again!

    Thanks again!


  3. Thanks for the reminders – C has red marks on her nose from the glasses, but they go away relatively fast. I always wondered if that was normal, but it seems like it is if the marks are even and go away fast.

    Amber – I scoped out a few local eyeglass shops near our house and have never had a problem bringing my daughter’s glasses in for adjustments. Most opticians are happy to help out, especially for a child’s glasses, even if I didn’t purchase the glasses there. I’ve even offered to pay a fee, but no one wants it 🙂


  4. Amber, I agree with motherhood&potatoes, most local glasses shops will probably be happy to help, especially if your husband already goes there. You might call and ask if they have anyone who has experience fitting small children’s glasses, and find out what they’re hours are and try to make sure you go when they’re there.

    Sounds like you really found an awesome place to get children’s glasses. A playground? Sounds wonderful. I thought our place was great for having a big aquarium and a bunch of toys.


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