New patches – Make your own, Elly style

There are benefits to being awake nursing a baby at 3:00 in the morning, one of which that I have time to think by myself (well, without a chatty 3 year old)  This is the patch that I came up the other night / morning.  It is light weight, covers 98% of all light, easy to make and inexpensive.   All you need is the pattern, some craft foam, scotch tape, a needle and thread.  Would anyone be interested if I made you a tutorial?


10 responses to “New patches – Make your own, Elly style

  1. Ooh, yes please! That’s such a cute patch – I’m guessing you can decorate it however your child would like, and looks like it works really well.


  2. HI there,
    I would love that. It looks fantastic. She is a very pretty little girl 🙂 Good on you. Yes I used to find that was one positive thing about sitting up in the early hours nursing – you had time to think!!


  3. Ok – I’ll see if I can put a tutorial together. Just didn’t want to spend the time if there wasn’t an interest.


  4. That is a cool patch! I don’t know if I can make it, but I will give it a try! I would love the info!


  5. I would love it! I just found out today that my son has to continue wearing a patch 😦 At least 3 more months and I am SO tired of the ortho patches!


  6. I notice she doesn’t have the prism any more on her glasses amomofelly! How is it all going? How is the alignment going?I really think in my heart Paris is going to need surgery down the track. She is progressing very well and things are stable but the drift is definitely still there intermittently even with the glasses. I also notice Paris’s exotropia is more pronounced when she looks up or in certain directions? It is really hard to pinpoint because it is so unpredictable. The eyes will switch from perfectly straight to the exotropic eye drifting out very briefly and then back again and she seems to have very good control over it. She can refocus and direct her eye to straight if I get her attention. Any thoughts?


  7. We would love a pattern/tutorial for your new frame hugger. We have had difficulties with adhesive patches irritating our son’s skin, and our son looks over his frames w/his current frame hugger patch. We are currently using Atropine twice daily and would love a better occlusion method during the summer.


  8. Love that! I’d love the pattern, although maybe I’ll put a star or something for my son instead of the flower. He is 4 and we just started patching. Not going so well. 😦


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