Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest

It is time again for the Children’s Eye Foundation’s “I Care for Eyecare” photo contest.   Children’s Eye Foundation is the foundation of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, their aim is to ensure that all children receive proper eye care, and to encourage physicians to enter the field of pediatric ophthalmology.  Each year, they run a contest to get submissions for a calendar that they sell as a fundraiser.  Last year was the first year they asked for photos, and anyone who was reading at that time probably remembers that we tried to get as many of our little four eyes into the contest, and into the calendar (you can see the submissions from our readers here – three of those submissions ended up in the 2010 calendar).

This year’s theme is “love at first sight,” which they say could include images that “portray the love a between a baby and parent or family or the love found via a child’s first vision or life experience.”  That’s a pretty open category, and I would really encourage all of you to consider submitting a picture of your child.  I know from the photo gallery (which I desperately need to update) and from the facebook group, that we have some incredibly photogenic children and talented photographers, and I firmly believe that the calendar from the Children’s Eye Foundation should have many pictures of beautiful children who have directly benefited from great eye care.   The top 12 vote-getters will win a digital camera, and a panel of judges will choose 12 photos from the submissions to include in the 2011 calendar.

Like last year, let me know either in the comments or in an email ( if you’ve submitted a photo and the page and title of the photo.  I’ll post the pictures and links to vote for each of them.  Even if you don’t submit a photo, I’d love if you stopped by and voted for one or more of our photos.  At the moment, it looks like you can only vote for one photo a day.  I’ll keep this page updated and link to it from the sidebar of the blog so you can easily get to it and see new entries and vote.

This year they’ve changed some of the rules, probably for the better:

  • Entries can only receive one vote from the same person in a 24-hour period of time. If it is determined that an entry is receiving multiple votes from the same IP address within a 24-hour period of time, the entry will be subject to removal without notice.
  • People who won cameras in last year’s contest can still enter to have their photo included in the calendar, but they will not be eligible to win a camera.  People who submitted photos that were included in the calendar can still enter, and can still win.
  • Entries are subject to removal at any time without notice.
  • Each family is allowed one submission.
  • You can see the full list of rules here.
  • Voting runs until Oct. 1.

Photos submitted by Little Four Eyes readers (click on the picture to get to the voting page):

I love cupcakes!

Love my little world

Love from first sight

Mother's day kisses

Big sister love

Big sister love

Like dad, like daughter

Brotherly love - Sofie and her brother Aiden

Learning about my world and loving it

Aubrie - The love of dance



10 responses to “Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest

  1. I’m excited for this! I was just curious to see how the calendar turned out, so I opened it up and gave it a look…Then, I clicked on the next page for October, there is my little boy, Ried’s, photo! Crazy! I had no clue that his picture was in the calendar. That totally make me happy! Maybe we’ll try again this year. 🙂


  2. We added a picture too, but last year people just clicked and already it is looking like the same thing is happening. I think their organization is such a good thing, but I am not a fan of un-fair competitions =(


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  4. Hi Ann! I wanted to double check that you got my email last week, I entered a picture of my dtr, Makenna, she is on page 9 eating a cupcake:)


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