Your stories: dealing with triplets when one of them wears glasses

This story came in from Jennifer. -Ann Z

When I found out Bo has Accommodative Esotropia and would have to wear glasses, I was not concerned about how he would handle it.  I was concerned about how his brother and sister would handle it.  I have Triplets.  When Bo got glasses they were a little over 1.5 years old (they are currently 2.5 years old).  In August Bo will be wearing glasses for a year.  I can not even begin to count the number of frames he has had.  Just this week two pairs have been broken.  JUST THIS WEEK!  His glasses were broke over the weekend and he had an eye dr appointment on Wed.  So, I dropped his VERY broken glasses off. Since they were unfixable they had to order new frames.  Then, this morning I had to drive the hour back to the eye glass place to drop off his other pair and of course they are beyond fixable and another set of frames is being ordered.  He now wears a pair that the eye glass manager was nice enough to make us for free, but since those too are broke, they are ducktaped, holding the arm in place.  We live in a very small town and have to travel an hour one way to the eye dr and eyeglass place.

Bo, Anna, and Alex. Bo wears glasses for accommodative esotropia.

Having 3 toddlers the same age with one having something that the other 2 do not, is a major adjustment and hassle.  They have always had the same things and gotten the same things.  If one gets something, the other 2 get the same thing.  They always go everywhere together (I am a SAHM with no help and my husband does not get home until 6pm).  So, when Bo got glasses he did not want them and Anna and Alex did.  It is a constant battle.  I must ask a million times a day “where are you glasses?” and “where are Bo’s glasses?”  I will found them in a bed tangled up with sheets, or at the bottom of the basement stairs or stuffed somewhere.  MOST of the time whichever one hid or threw them will find them and bring them back to me.  BUT, times like this week I leave the room for less then 5 minutes (or even just turn my back) and I find them in pieces, looking like they have been run over by a truck.  Two pairs have ended up like that just this week.  Bo is great about putting them on and taking them off and handing them to me.  They all know his glasses is my button to push to get me upset.  If Anna or Alex get mad and Bo is anywhere near them, they sling his glasses off his face.  Anna and Alex also know this is the way to pick on Bo.  He has always been the quite one and the one to be picked on.  And taking his glasses is how they pick on him.

And then when I am told Bo will have to wear a patch an hour day my first thought was “great, stick a big sticker on his face.  Something else for the other 2 to be jealous over”.  We have tried everything from giving Anna and Alex play glasses and stickers, but nothing works.  I can’t turn my back or leave the room for a minute without worrying about his glasses.  I don’t want to have to take his glasses off everytime I leave the room.  Nor do I want to have to drag him with me.

We have been luckly enough to have found a wonderful group of people working at VisionWorks.   We had no vision insurance when Bo first got glasses.  The glasses at the eye dr were going to run about $300.  When all was said and done (taxes, warranty, special lenses, scratch resistant–yeah right!) I got 2 pairs of glasses at VisionWorks for $180.  They have been great, not making us pay for replacement frames and even ordering him an extra pair for free.  Like I said before, I can not even begin to count the number of frames we have been through.  His prescription is due to change in August and I am looking for sturdier glasses.  The ones at the eye dr can be twisted and rolled up into a ball and they bounce back in place.  My thought is to get those on the insurance and then get a replacement pair (or two) at VisionWorks.  I am very open to thoughts and suggestions on sturdier glasses!

It is an ongoing battle and I can only hope that it gets better as they get older. That one day (sooner than later) Anna and Alex will learn to leave Bo’s glasses alone and that Bo will learn not to let them take them off.  I know I have probably made my children sound like horrible monsters, but I promise they are not (only when it comes to the glasses)!

4 responses to “Your stories: dealing with triplets when one of them wears glasses

  1. Hi. i just had to laugh when I read your story. I don’t have triplets but I do have twins with one of them also having accomodative esotropia. My daughter was older when she got her glasses (three, and now they are almost five) but I delt with some of the same issues. My son feels left out that he doesn’t get the “special” treatment she gets. He’s asked for glasses on quite a few occasions and I’ve caught him trying her glasses on. As your kids get older I can bet it will get easier. Things have gotten a lot easier for me but then again, I’m one less child than you. Be sure to have them all checked too because they say it runs in families and if your babies were early (mine were) and needed oxygen that could mean vision problems down the road, at least that’s what they say. My son needed oxygen but my daughter didn’t and she’s the one with vision problems. I do get him checked once a year though and so far so good. Hang in there and good luck with everything. They are absolutely adorable, by the way…..


  2. So sorry, but this cracks me up! I only have two kids, but they are close in age – 20 months. My daughter is 4 now and she has had glasses since she was 20 months old. My son is 2 1/2 and we have the same battle. He’s gotten better about leaving her glasses along, but probably because she tattles! We’ve had the best luck with plastic frames. In the past, I always got metal frames b/c that’s all they had in her size & we broke them all the time. Her plastic frames never need adjusted & have only broke 1 x in the past year! Life has been getting easier with Aubrie in glasses 🙂


  3. We have had the best luck with the Miraflex frames, but I think those are what you are wanting to get away from? (they flex and bend and can be rolled up). So far those are the only ones that have lasted through a myriad of toddler calamaties (though we had a lens pop out and disappear into a black hole somewhere in the house)


  4. Arena–we don’t have the Miraflex, just come metal frames (the arms do bend out, but that is not our problem). The ones I am referring to that our Eye Dr had were metal and they bent in every way and he rolled them up into a ball. Those are what I am considering getting and then getting back-up pairs like we have.

    Annie–I always thought that plastic frames would break easier. I had visions on my 3 just breaking them in half!

    And after reading my story it even makes me laugh! 🙂


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