when your child suddenly refuses to wear their glasses

Karla recently posted on the facebook group that her 9 month old son Caleb had suddenly refused to wear his glasses that he’d been wearing well for quite a while.  It turns out that he had an ear infection, and after a couple of days on antibiotics, he’s back to wearing his glasses again.

baby boy in glasses

Caleb, happy in his glasses

This got me thinking about other experiences people have had with their child suddenly refusing to wear their glasses.  We tend to worry about how to get them to start wearing their glasses, that I think it’s easy to believe that once they’ve started wearing their glasses, we’re home free.  But if my experiences with Zoe are at all typical, kids love to change things up as soon as we get comfortable.

Has anyone else run into a time when their child just stopped wearing their glasses?  Did you ever figure out a cause, or work out a way to get them back into wearing their glasses?  A couple things that I can think of to check on:

  • Are the glasses adjusted correctly?  Zoe once stopped wearing her glasses when they were extremely crooked
  • Could the prescription have changed?
  • Are the lenses very scratched up?
  • Has your child been sick or have other health issues?  Karla’s story above comes to mind.

What else?


4 responses to “when your child suddenly refuses to wear their glasses

  1. It’s definitely important to rule out any medical explanation behind your child refusing to wear glasses. Once any changes to their health and vision have been ruled out, especially as kids get older, finding a fun way to help them understand why their glasses are important can be key to boosting their enthusiasm for eyewear. VSP’s Kids’ Zone is a great place to start teaching children about their vision – http://bit.ly/c9r190.


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  3. If only kids with eye problems have a choice they will choose not to wear eye glasses… We have to admit that wearing eye glasses at a very young age brought them into a situation which makes their confidence down. What is importance is to explain to them their situation, make them understand and just be there for them.


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