Princess Peepers Book Review

“Remember, Princess Peepers wants to let you know that you’ll always be a royal princess inside and out, no matter what! Just be true to yourself! “

It is this kind of message that Pam Calvert, author of Princess Peepers write on her website that makes my heart all warm and tingly.

The book Princess Peepers is a great addition to your home library if your pre-schooler or kindergarten girl is feeling a little bummed about wearing glasses, or needing a pick me up on the importance of wearing glasses.  In this whimsical little modern fairy tale, the princess has chosen to remove her glasses which leads to a few vision blunders.  She finds herself in all the wrong places, but doesn’t realize it because her glasses are not on.  Instead of headed towards the ball, she finds herself headed for the tower.  In the end, she ends up falling onto a horse, I mean prince.  They both put their glasses on and in fairytale fashion, live happily ever after.

Elliana really gets a kick out of this book and has made me read it every day for the last 5 days. I had to explain some of the vocabulary and we talked about the book as we read it.  She LOVES princesses and really got the humor in the book.  It is a lot of fun to hear her laugh when I read the funny parts!

After reading the book, Pam Calvert’s website encourages princesses (and princes) to send in their pictures for her to post.  She also has different activities to make and do; glasses cupcakes and decorate cardstock eyewear.  She does visit schools for author talks and lessons – which has me super inspired.  I would love to have her present in our city and am going to contact our public library to see if and how I can make it happen.

3 responses to “Princess Peepers Book Review

  1. Oh, I love that she has a Glamour Gallery for princesses and princes in glasses! Very cool. The cupcake recipe is pretty cool, too, but way, way, way beyond my abilities.

    You’ll have to let us know if you do get her to visit!


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