Princess Peepers Book Contest!

Princess Peepers Book Contest!

Very exciting update! Pam Calvert, the author of “Princess Peepers has just said she’ll kick in 2 additional signed, hardcover copies of the book!  Send in your pictures!

If you don’t have this book for your little prince or princess, then we’d love to have you enter for the chance to win a paperback copy of “Princess Peepers,” by Pam Calvert.

Contest Rules:

This contest is open to all… if you don’t live in the USA and are the chosen winner, we may be able to work something out =)  In order to enter, you must send me a picture of your “prince” or “princess.”  Each picture will receive one point each for the following

  1. Wearing glasses (three points)
  2. Wearing a crown or tiara (one point)
  3. Dressing up like a price or princess (one point)
  4. Carrying a wand or magic Stick (one point)
  5. Having something sparkly in the picture (one point)
  6. An extra accessory such as: a cape, necklace, wings…  (one point)
  7. Parent in the picture with at least 3 of the above items on (one point)

All the entries received by June 19th will be considered.  If there is more than one picture with all 9 points, the names will be entered into a hat and drawn randomly for a winner.  Of course, by sending me these pictures, you are agreeing to let me post them on our Little Four Eye Website  My e-mail is ajrenchin @ yahoo. com (you must remove the spaces)

Disclaimer: I, amomofelly, purchased this book and will be judging the entries.  By picking a winner in no way shape or form do I believe that your little one is not “top royalty,” however, I only have one book to give away and therefore must choose based on my own made up rules =)


8 responses to “Princess Peepers Book Contest!

  1. Oh good idea! I’ll try to get this done this weekend! Aubrie actually has a classmate that just got glasses – she’s 4 – so that’s a great idea 🙂


  2. Right now your chances are pretty good at winning one of those autographed, personal letter from the author, hardcover Princess Peeper books. Can’t beat that prize – so get clicking and send me your super cute pictures!!!!


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