Eye appointments and sunglasses

How to tell Zoe just got out of an eye appointment?  Sunglasses and lots and lots of stickers.  The eye doctor’s office has a ready supply of both.

You would think that after doing this, oh I don’t even know how many times, I would remember that Zoe will have her eyes dilated and that means I should bring her sunglasses, especially in the summer, but I forgot, and so Zoe got herself a new pair of tiger striped shades (they’re not prescription, obviously, so she probably won’t wear them much).

Speaking of sunglasses, now that it’s midsummer in the northern hemisphere, I wanted to remind everyone of the importance of wearing sunglasses.  If you’re not sure what to do for sunglasses for your child, you might want to check out our post from last year where we pulled together a number of different sunglasses options.

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