Babies are hard on glasses

We have not had as many eyeglass issues as we have in the last 6 months. I think it is a combination between these new frames and having a baby brother. Babies are sure hard on glasses. Check out these…

Broken hinge – the right cable temple only stays on with tape
Rusting nose piece
Popping out lenses…

I sure have a greater appreciation for those of you with babies in glasses. Elly didn’t get hers until 2 and we haven’t had many issues until now!

6 responses to “Babies are hard on glasses

  1. Yikes, that’s definitely been a concern for me for what happens with #2 arrives next month. Have you found anything that’s worked to keep babies from grabbing glasses – especially from their siblings?


    • Ann – we did ok with our kids and glasses. Aubrie was 20 months when she got her glasses – the day Everett was actually born. He never really messed with her glasses much because he realized it was a part of her. Same as daycare & preschool – they are so used to seeing her with glasses that they don’t bother them. Now that he’s 3 he has stolen them to taunt her because it really works her up, but the punishment is pretty strict so he usually avoids her glasses now at all costs. Now that we’re having a 3rd it will be interesting to see if this baby reacts the same as him & also if this baby has vision problems as well – hopefully not.


  2. I have hope for younger siblings of glasses wearers. My son just took other people’s glasses for granted. He broke his own glasses constantly when he got them just after his first birthday, but he never really messed with anyone else’s.

    Once my older child (then 4) hit my younger one (then 2) with *her* glasses, (Silhouettes frames) and the pieces popped apart and scattered across the room. The nose piece had to be replaced, and the optician said that was the first time she had ever heard of sibling-on-sibling violence with glasses as a weapon happening before. (and this is a pediatric specialty shop, so she’s heard it all! lol!)


      • Yep, after I finished cleaning up the pieces and giving consequences to those at fault, (oh-oh!) it was pretty funny, especially since no one was hurt. Plus the glasses were still under warranty, which helped a ton (Silhouettes replacement parts = spendy lol)


  3. My five year old daughter is handling her own eye glasses carefully and I admire her for being such a kid… At first I was so worried that he might misplace it or drop it but she is really extra careful. I think it is good to make kids realize the importance of their things to that they will learn to treasure it.


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